push platform provides unique services for media websites. Our media clients constantly increase their website traffic by 10%-25% due to installed push technology. Furthermore, development of new automation tools by helps our clients to reduce significantly need in own resources for creation and launch of push campaigns.

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In this article, we will review experience of media websites in sending push notifications. Besides, you’ll find out what automation tools can be used for push campaigns launch and how platform helps to interact with media websites’ audience.

Push notifications for media websites

Web push technology is extremely popular among media companies today. Push provides a great tool for constant interaction with readers and sends them information about the latest news by delivering notifications directly to a user’s screen.

What are web push benefits for online media?

  • It’s easy for visitors to opt-in for news via browser native widget in just one click. Thus, media websites can grow subscriber base faster. Opt-in rate is about 15%. (opt-in image)
  • Push notifications from a website pop up on a subscriber’s device screen even if a webpage is closed in internet browser. (push image)
  • Push technology covers both desktop (Windows, MacOS) and mobile (Android) user audience by delivering messages via the most popular internet browsers (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, Yandex). This represents over 85% of all internet users.
  • Web push returns loyal visitors to a website by informing them about the most important news. It is easy for a subscriber to reach target information (in one click) – and web page receives additional traffic.

Read more about what push notifications are. team focuses on improving media companies experience in push notification usage. We provide our clients with a number of advanced tools in their personal accounts for push campaigns management.

In order to start push campaigns with you only need to register and add a simple script to your website. You can use the platform for free up to a database of 30 000 subscribers. Thus, every media website has an opportunity to test the service and benefit from push campaigns results at no cost. 

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Here is the list of main extra tools in the Gravitec interface for effective communication with news website subscribers.

  1. Push campaigns statistics with the number of sent, delivered, seen, opened and closed notifications, opt-in and opt-out rates. Detailed graphs and bubble-charts for deep marketing strategy analysis are available as well.
  2. Automation features: Tweet to Push, RSS to Push, Weekly and Daily Digest, Drip Feed
  3. Segmentation tools for targeted campaigns creation.

After technology installation, you’ll get a set of functions to customize your marketing campaigns according to your business needs.

Media companies experience

How do our media clients create and send push notifications?

News portals send messages more often than e-commerce websites. They generate a lot of content and update it frequently. Besides, their readers are interested in news receiving every day. On average, our clients from media industry send over 170 push campaigns per month. It’s about 5-6 campaigns per day.

A media website audience can read breaking news, stories and reviews after click on a web push on their device screen. Notifications are delivered instantly due to high-speed platform engine. Thus, after your content is generated, you can immediately send corresponding messages to your subscribers. 

By doing so, online media keep readers engaged and return them to a website. Our clients with ‘Business’ tariff plan get over 1000 additional visits for each dollar they pay. ‘Business’ plan costs depend on amount of subscribers in your base and provide websites with extra features.


Read how helped Guatemala media flagship to drive 300 000 additional visitors per month

To assist our clients and substitute manual push composing, team developed unique automation features. Using these tools, you can send over 90% of notifications automatically. This approach significantly reduce time for push campaign launch. system is able to work fully automatically after you set your own algorithms for sending.

Automation tools

There are four automation tools for media websites in interface now:

  1. Drip Feed – push series for new subscribers.
  2. Daily and Weekly Digest – a TOP news campaign based on previously sent notifications.
  3. Tweet to Push – campaigns automatically formed from a company’s Twitter account.
  4. RSS to Push – campaigns based on a website’s RSS Feed.

Select the automations suitable for your website. For example, if you don’t have a Twitter account, pick the RSS to Push option for instant content sharing. 

You have to set automation rules in a few easy steps to activate a selected tool. For ‘RSS to Push’, enter your RSS URL, number of campaigns per day and website’s categories. The system will send notifications to your subscribers immediately after a new post from the defined categories appears in a website’s RSS Feed. Thus, your loyal audience will receive updates instantly after their publication.

You can set up automation tools to create majority of your campaigns. Send just the most important content manually. 

Manual web push creation

Besides automation tools, offers a lot of ways to speed up manual creation of push campaigns. Thanks to them, you can save over 80% of time spent on message composing.

There are three options for fast manual campaigns launch:

  1. Chrome Extension,
  2. Quick Mode,
  3. RSS.

All of these functions were developed to fill in push notification elements automatically. You can set up the specific Gravitec extension into your browser, turn on ‘Quick Mode’ in the dashboard on ‘Create campaign’ block or use the RSS option in a client’s profile menu. 

Read more about one-click campaigns creation.

Let’s sum up

  • Push technology is a convenient tool for instant interaction with a media website’s audience.
  • Quick technology installation provides website’s owners with an opportunity to use it without any preparations.
  • The main push notifications benefits: fast subscriber base growth, direct and instant communication with users, wide audience coverage, website’s traffic increase due to returning visitors. 
  • extra features: advanced statistics, segmentation and automation tools.
  • Our media clients send over 170 push campaigns on average per month (5-6 campaigns per day). They keep readers engaged with frequently updated news, stories, and reviews. 
  • Gravitec platform has high-speed capabilities, thus, online subscribers receive notifications immediately after campaign sending. 
  • Automation tools are RSS to Push, Tweet to Push, Drip Feed, Push Digest. Before automation launch, you have to define sending algorithms for selected tools. After that, the system will send notifications automatically.
  • With active automations, media websites can send over 90% of all notifications. Manual web push creation is suitable for the most important messages.
  • You can use one-click push campaigns creation with separate RSS option, ‘Quick Mode’ in Gravitec profile or special Chrome extension.
  • News websites with active push campaigns implementation generate additional 10-25% of traffic. 
  • You can use platform for databases up to 30 000 subscribers absolutely free of charge. ‘Business’ plan prices depends on your subscriber base scales.
  • On average, ‘Business’ plan clients get over 1000 additional visitors for each dollar spent on push notifications.

If you have any questions on how to launch a push campaign for your news website, please, do not hesitate to contact our support team.