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Maintenance: Service Update on Saturday, December 30 at 6 AM (UTC+2)

Dear Friends, We perform regular software maintenance to ensure that’s services are of high-quality and stable. Generally, these updates do not cause any interruptions to the service. However, we will need to pause the service for some time to… Continue Reading →

Meet – Holistic LinkedIn Automation Tool for Generating Leads

We are thrilled to announce that the team, in cooperation with developers, launched a new product – See in action What does is developed to help you find potential customers and encourage them to purchase your… Continue Reading →

Maintenance: Service Update on Saturday, June 24 at 10 AM (UTC+3)

Dear friends! We regularly perform software maintenance to ensure its stable work and the high-quality services of Usually, this doesn’t interrupt the work of the service. However, providing some key updates, we need to pause the service for some… Continue Reading →

Web push notifications on iOS and iPadOS

After half a year since Apple announced the upcoming release of web push notifications for iOS, it has finally come true. With around a 17% share among operating systems worldwide, iOS was a long-awaited platform for supporting web pushes. Web… Continue Reading →

Gravitec on AppSumo – Successful Launch!

We are delighted to announce the Gravitec launch on AppSumo! TIP AppSumo is the biggest platform for entrepreneurs to buy and sell software on the best terms. We signed an agreement with AppSumo late last year, and from February 24… Continue Reading →

The Free Plan – New Terms

Starting from February 20, 2021, some changes will be applied to the Free Plan of the service.  The limit of subscribers in a campaign will be changed from 30,000 to 10,000  The number of subscribers in a base and… Continue Reading →

Chrome V84: protection from abusive notifications

Beginning on July 14, 2020, Chrome V84 will protect users from abusive notifications and prompts. If a website is suspected of using push technology to trick a visitor, Chrome will automatically block their permission prompts with Quieter Permission UI.  What… Continue Reading →

Quieter Permission UI for Push Notifications

In a few days, the 80th version of Google Chrome browser will be released. Google has introduced a new quieter permission UI (also “quieter messaging”) for notifications. The changes are intended to improve user experience and opt-in process. In this… Continue Reading →

Terms and Conditions of New Year Sale New Year Sale – Terms and conditions Definitions Deposit – the current customer’s balance after all fees according to a current pricing plan.  New Year Deposit – extra deposit a customer makes to participate in the ‘New Year Sale… Continue Reading →