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TOP-7 Web Push Notification Services in 2023 – the Overview with the Comparison Chart

Browser push notifications may be a fairly recent tool, compared to email, but they make a powerful one. They allow for high opt-in rates, CTR, and instant visibility. Now, roughly 30K of TOP websites with over 1 million traffic send… Continue Reading →

Web Push Notification Best Practices in 2023

For proper use of any marketing channel, you need to understand its core functions and features. Web push notifications are well known for their interaction simplicity, but most marketers don’t explore their advanced capabilities.  Add Push Notifications to Your Website… Continue Reading →

Push Notifications Examples and Use Cases to Get Started for Blogs, Media, SaaS and E-commerce Websites

A website of any industry meets difficulties trying to reach its audiences with its content. Typically, people search for the information they need at the moment in Google, visit a website, and leave it. Web push notifications help retain your… Continue Reading →

Push Notifications and Email Marketing: Match Made in Heaven

According to the Statista forecast, in 2023 roughly 347 billion emails worldwide will be sent and received daily. So, since the late 1980s, email marketing is still one of the top tools to convert leads into prospects and build relationships… Continue Reading →

10 Benefits of Using Behaviour Automation to Grow your Media: Success Story

In the midst of the worldwide pandemic, people check on the latest news more often than before the crisis. So, media companies got significant traffic growth especially at the peak of the crisis. At the same time, advertising budgets are… Continue Reading →

How to Notify Subscribers of New Posts on WordPress

If you frequently update content on your website, you need a way to notify your subscribers about new articles. This increases repeat traffic to your website and converts subscribers to regular readers. Here, we discuss two options to inform subscribers… Continue Reading →

Web Push Notifications – The Complete Guide by Gravitec.net

The Gravitec.net service provides a means for companies to send push notifications from their websites. Over 12,000 websites send notifications using our platform.  Push notifications Examples and Use Cases This web push notification tutorial is based on our experience in… Continue Reading →

How to Add Push Notifications using the WordPress Plugin

Gravitec.net provides a plugin, which will very quickly allow you to send push notifications from WordPress websites. To start using the push technology you need to install the plugin and connect it to your Gravitec.net account. As soon as you… Continue Reading →

How to Reduce the Web Push Unsubscribe Rates

When a visitor comes to a website, they are given the option to subscribe to notifications. And, if they agree, then they start receiving them. However, over time, some subscribers choose to opt out, or unsubscribe from the notifications. This… Continue Reading →

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