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About us

Gravitec Logo

Gravitec.net is a team of digital marketing enthusiasts who love their business. We started three years ago with a small team of four. We were the first company to implement the innovative web push technology in Eastern Europe.

Today, we offer the widest range of push notification services throughout the world!


  • an ambitious startup in modern digital marketing
  • a group of specialists who pioneered push notifications technology
  • a team of over 20 profesionals from all over Ukraine
  • a worldwide customer base of over 2000 companies
  • international, with offices in Ukraine and Poland.

Our goal is to provide the highest-quality messaging services to our customers all over the world!


Seed Stars Sertificate
Winner of Seed Stars Kyiv startup competition! Gravitec.net was chosen as the best startup offering innovative services.
VDNH Tech Sertificate
Winner of Kyivstar's Telecom Accelerator startup competition. Kyivstar is the largest telecom provider in Ukraine, with over 27 million customers. Gravitec.net continues as Kyivstar's exclusive provider for push notification technology.