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How to Get on Google News: Guide for 2022-2023

Google News aggregator collects articles from over 20,000 publishers worldwide. It is a powerful tool for people to get the latest news from their own region.  TIP The Google News service is available in roughly 30 languages. The service monitors… Continue Reading →

TOP-7 Recurring Revenue Models for Media Companies

Media companies create and distribute content that has value for their audiences. And any media company needs to build its business model to plan their revenue. Here we discuss what works best for planning your revenue and why you need a… Continue Reading →

How to Build a Membership Website: The Complete Guide

Media websites are struggling to attract and retain visitors as well as get recurring revenue over the long term. And, a widespread solution for this is to build a membership website. Here, we discuss what membership websites are and how… Continue Reading →

How to Choose the Best Paywall Solution for your Website

After magazines and newspapers started to focus on doing business online, paid digital content became an important addition to their revenue stream. And, to get paid subscriptions for publishers, paywalls were introduced. The first paywall was used in 1996 by… Continue Reading →

Blogging as a Hobby: Should you try it?

A blog is a website where you can share your thoughts, ideas, and experience with others. You can communicate with people from different countries, and dig deeper into topics that interest you. Blogging can help you improve your writing skills,… Continue Reading →

How to Report a Story to the Local News

Businesses need visibility in order to convert their audience into an increased customer base. To spread information about a product, marketers make use of many different media outlets.   In this article, we review how to report a story to the… Continue Reading →

How to Start a News Website in 12 Easy Steps

Creating a news website may seem to be hard work, considering the size and reach of companies such as The New York Times or The Washington Post. However, anyone can start an online news portal today, in just a few… Continue Reading →

Automated Content Delivery: Gravitec.net Features for Media Websites

Sending push notifications to your subscribers might seem like a tedious, time-consuming endeavor. This is especially true if you had to sit at your computer and send them out manually. Fortunately, Gravitec.net has made the entire process much simpler by… Continue Reading →

How to Start a Media Company in 12 Easy Steps

Is there any reason to launch a new media company? In the era of Facebook, would it be profitable?  In this article, we’ll discover the differences between e-commerce and media business. What does it take to start a media company… Continue Reading →