“Gravitec.net is the first push platform with the Spanish interface. We provide Latin America marketers with the service in their native language so that they can use push notifications in a most convenient way.” — Denis Zernyshkin, CEO at Gravitec.net

The hero of this case study is the Prensa Libre company that owns two websites.

Both websites use push notifications by Gravitec.net to inform their readers about their last updates. The average traffic of these two websites is roughly 5,8 million visits per month.

‘Prensa Libre is the major source of news in Guatemala. Besides of the printed version of the newspaper, we distribute news through our website, the mobile app, and social networks. However, we needed a tool to interact with our readers directly, especially to share the breaking news. We had been looking for the right tool to return visitors to our website, until we finally found push notifications.’ — Byron Ramirez, Head of Digital at Prensa Libre Guatemala.

Here we review the Prensa Libre experience of leveraging push notifications.

Subscriber base growth

The Prensa Libre team has included push notifications into their marketing strategy since January 2019. Since that time, their subscriber base is rapidly growing.

“The integration process was very simple, but this new marketing channel has significantly increased the website traffic. We return to our websites roughly 5% of the overall traffic that is around 5,8 million visits per month for two websites. This also has influenced our commercial effectiveness, since we created the strategic alliance with our advertisers. Now they have an opportunity to promote their brands to larger audience.” — Byron Ramirez, Head of Digital at Prensa Libre Guatemala.

On the graph below, you can see the base growth rates of the Prensa Libre website during the four-months period from January to April 2019.

In February and March, the number of new subscribers was up to 230 000. Gradually, the growth rate was decreasing. This is typical for any website because regular visitors subscribs in the first two-three months. Nevertheless, the total number of subscribers always increases.

The table below shows some patterns of how the website was getting new subscriptions week by week.  

The next chart shows the statistics on subscriptions for Guate Vision during the same period — January-April 2019.

The online TV has less website traffic compared to Prensa Libre, and this results into less subscriptions per month, but still the base growth was significant. The number of new subscribers in April was up to 90 000.

Opt-out and growth rate in percentage

In order to keep balance between the frequency of push campaigns and their relevancy to readers, it’s crucial to monitor the ratio between the opt-out and the growth rates.

The opt-out rate for Prensa Libre was 20%.

The chart below shows how this affected the growth rate of subscriptions. In March 2019, the base growth was as high as 300% even with the opt-out rate of 20%. In April, the growth rate was 60%, and in May — 30%.

The opt-out rate for Guate Vision was 30%, but still the growth rate was up to 370% in April, and up to 90% in May.

  • Guate Vision

As we mentioned above, the growth decline over time is a common process. The highest results are typical for the first few months after the installation of push notifications. Still, subscriber base for both websites is steadily increasing. 

Delivery rate

The delivery rate for both websites is nearly the same. It’s about 55 -65%.

It results in 1 million received messages for the campaign of 1.8 million sent notifications. 


Push campaigns and CTR

The Prensa Libre company sends push campaigns 3-5 times per day. 

On the graph below, we can see the number of sent notifications in February-March’19 by Prensa Libre website.

And there is statistics of Guate Vision push campaigns in March-April 2019.

And here on the bubble chart, we can see the number of clicks for all campaigns by Prensa Libre.

The marked bubble by 3/30/2019 shows the next results.

  • The number of sent notifications — 191 900
  • CTR — 11.92% 
  • Clicks number – 22 768
  • The notification title – ‘Urgente’

Another example shows the results of a push campaign with the huge number of sent notifications.

On March 20, the company sent five push campaigns per day. The total amount of sent notifications was up to 1.8 million. The number of clicked messages was over 68 000.

We can compare all campaigns results for both websites on two bubble charts. 

The highest CTR of Prensa Libre push notifications was over 20% and in average, it’s about 8%. 

An average CTR according to Guate Vision statistics is also roughly 8%.

“Push notifications by Gravitec.net helps us return our readers to the websites again and again.” — Byron Ramirez, Head of Digital at Prensa Libre Guatemala.


Let’s summarize the company experience of leveraging push notifications. 

  1. The company from Latin America decided to use push notifications for immediate and direct interaction with readers to return them to their websites — Prensa Libre and Guate Vision.
  2. The company team has chosen the Gravitec push platform since it provides the simple integration and with the clear user interface.
  3. The subscriber base growth rate was up to 300-370% within the first months after the integration. The number of new subscriptions was gradually decreasing, but its total amount steadily goes up.
  4. Opt-out rate was about 20-30%. 
  5. The company sends notifications 3-5 times a day. On its high peak it was up to 1.8 million sent messages.
  6. Delivery rate was about 55-65%. It’s up to 1 million received notifications for the campaign of 1,8 million sent notifications.
  7. The average CTR for both websites was roughly 8%, and on the high peaks it was up to 20%. which is over 68 000 clicks for the campaign of 1.8 million sent messages.
  8. The company considers using push campaigns as successful experience. This channel provides websites with additional traffic that is roughly 5% of the overall websites that is 300,000 additional visits per month.
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