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What is the ideal ratio of New to Returning visitors, and how to get the balance?

When it comes to your website visitors, you need to acquire as much information about their behavior as possible to choose an accurate strategy and proper channels to achieve your business goals. And Returning visitors is one of the key… Continue Reading →

How to Get on Google News: Guide for 2022-2023

Google News aggregator collects articles from over 20,000 publishers worldwide. It is a powerful tool for people to get the latest news from their own region.  TIP The Google News service is available in roughly 30 languages. The service monitors… Continue Reading →

How to Get Returning Visitors to Your Website

To keep your website growing, you need a constant stream of returning visitors. Especially in eCommerce, returning visitors are the ones bringing in the most profit: they 65% more often add items to cart and spend 16% more than new… Continue Reading →

How to Market an Online Event — Top 12 (Mostly Free) Promotional Ideas

Putting all the effort into creating a perfect event only to see that no one came is a nightmare for everyone that hosts or markets events. We compiled ways to show how to promote events online so that it gets… Continue Reading →

How to promote a blog post — the most actual tactics in 2023

Blogging is extremely popular: from 23 blogs for the entire internet in 1999, it came to over 600 million. How do you attract visitors to your blog with so many competitors around? Strategies to create content to make your blog… Continue Reading →

How to Get More Views on WordPress

Starting a website on WordPress is quite a task, you deal with domains and hosting, tweak your theme, and then realize that you also need to get people to see it, otherwise you put all that effort for nothing. Stats… Continue Reading →

The Complete Guide on Free and Paid Solutions to Drive Traffic to Your Website

Here we cover ways to get traffic to your website. To make this guide easier to read, we’ve split tips into categories based on the source of traffic.  Know your traffic But before starting with tips on getting traffic, first… Continue Reading →

How to Report a Story to the Local News

Businesses need visibility in order to convert their audience into an increased customer base. To spread information about a product, marketers make use of many different media outlets.   In this article, we review how to report a story to the… Continue Reading →

WordPress Visitor Tracking: TOP 10 Website Analytics Services

Website analytics are used to track visitors’ activity,  in order to evaluate business growth, determine user portrait, customers’ behavior tendency, etc. To monitor and analyze these metrics, you need proven tools integrated with your website. There are plenty of tools… Continue Reading →

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