team developed the new feature for fast push campaigns launch. Today, our clients can create campaigns with just one click from a website RSS Feed.

In this article, we’ll review how to start a campaign with this tool to reduce time for push notifications creation. The new feature is especially suitable for online media with high frequency of campaigns sending.

How does it work?

After the RSS tool activation, you can avoid manual entry of a notification title and description. The system inserts all push elements automatically from a webpage contained to RSS Feed. A push notification image is also inserted from a webpage metadata by default. Thus, you’ll get a ready-made campaign. After one click, the system will start sending notifications to subscribers.

Before a campaign sending, you can edit any notification element according to its specific marketing tasks.

How to add an RSS Feed to a client’s profile?

  1. Select ‘RSS’ in the vertical panel in a website profile. 
  2. Click ‘Add new RSS-channel’.
  3. Enter a RSS feed URL and a channel name.
  4. After RSS adding it will appear in the dashboard.

To start a campaign, click on the created channel.

Push campaign launch

New campaigns will be created automatically in the RSS channel menu. Notifications’ topics and texts match to the corresponding records in a website RSS Feed.

Select a record you need and click ‘Create campaign’.

The system generates a notification automatically, but you can manage its content manually. Change an icon, title or description if needed.

Before a campaign sending, make sure that a notification preview looks excellent for any browser and OS.

If a created campaign fits to your expectations, click ‘Send campaign’ to deliver notifications to your website audience immediately.

Please note: if you don’t set any subscriber base segments for a campaign, the system will send push notifications to all website subscribers.

You can manage additional settings to customize a campaign.

  • Set a schedule for sending, time zone and TTL.
  • Pick a big image or set buttons for a rich web push.
  • Use advanced option for targeted campaigns.

RSS Automation

Another tool is ‘RSS to Push’ feature. It works similar to a basic RSS option, but instead of records selection and manual campaign launch, this function sends notifications automatically. You set a sending algorithm just once (a website categories to pick out topics, schedule); the system forms and starts campaigns by its own.

Read more about this automation feature.


One-click campaigns from RSS are an opportunity to spend less time for a web push creation. News websites and online media use this tool for fast and direct communication with their audience. The RSS option in a client’s account allows to manage campaigns settings with an already composed content. Furthermore, you can activate the ‘RSS to Push’ option for automatically campaigns sending.

If you have any questions about a push campaign launch, please, contact our support team.