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Meet Gravitec AI Push Notifications — Revolution in Push Campaign Creation

It is time to boost your website traffic even further with AI push notifications now available at This hassle-free tool lets you create impressive push notifications in just one click. It is trained on more than 100 billion push notifications sent… Continue Reading →

WooCommerce Push Notifications by

The team developed WooCommerce push notifications that can be triggered on your website by a user action! Crafting your online store with Abandoned cart alerts, Price drop alerts, New product alerts, and Sale price alerts is now as easy… Continue Reading →

How to Add Push Notifications using the WordPress Plugin provides a plugin, which will very quickly allow you to send push notifications from WordPress websites. To start using the push technology you need to install the plugin and connect it to your account. As soon as you… Continue Reading →

How to add Gravitec script to your website with Google Tag Manager

This manual doesn’t explain how to add Google Tag Manager on your website or how to apply its functionality for other than installing script on your website. If you’re not familiar with registering in Google Tag Manager or haven’t… Continue Reading →

One-click Push Campaigns from RSS Feed developed a feature to quickly send push campaigns. You can create campaigns in just one click using your RSS Feed.  Install Gravitec WordPress Plugin How does it work? The RSS feature cab activated right from the dashboard by adding… Continue Reading →

Automated Content Delivery: Features for Media Websites

Sending push notifications to your subscribers might seem like a tedious, time-consuming endeavor. This is especially true if you had to sit at your computer and send them out manually. Fortunately, has made the entire process much simpler by… Continue Reading →

Automation Features: RSS to Push and Tweet to Push provides time-saving features for sending push campaigns automatically. Push notifications can be sent directly from a website’s RSS feed or from your Twitter account to subscribers.  Try now for Free In this article, we review how to use these… Continue Reading →

Automation Features: Daily and Weekly Digests

Daily and Weekly Digest is a automation that is particularly useful for online media. With this feature, customers can send their TOP-news items, all in one push notification. Try Push Digest for Free Now Here, we’ll discuss how… Continue Reading →

Automation Features: Drip Campaigns

The platform makes it possible for you to send push notifications to your subscribers automatically. Start for Free Now In this article, we show you how’s ‘Drip Campaign’ automation works, and how you can use it for your… Continue Reading →

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