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Seven Push Notifications Performance Metrics to Measure Success of Your Push Campaign

Before you even start sending web push notifications, you need to know how to measure their results. Otherwise, how do you know if it was worth the effort?   We review major push notifications performance metrics and how you can measure and… Continue Reading →

10 Best Push Notifications WordPress Plugins for 2023

Every minute people create 380 websites worldwide, so the task can seem daunting when you aim to get out there. You start with creating great content and an appealing storefront. However, to get noticed, you’ll need marketing tools to bring… Continue Reading →

TOP-7 Web Push Notification Services in 2023 – the Overview with the Comparison Chart

Browser push notifications may be a fairly recent tool, compared to email, but they make a powerful one. They allow for high opt-in rates, CTR, and instant visibility. Now, roughly 30K of TOP websites with over 1 million traffic send… Continue Reading →

Web Push Notification Best Practices in 2023

For proper use of any marketing channel, you need to understand its core functions and features. Web push notifications are well known for their interaction simplicity, but most marketers don’t explore their advanced capabilities.  Add Push Notifications to Your Website… Continue Reading →

How to Migrate from Other Push Tools such as OneSignal to Gravitec

The Gravitec team designed the migration process from other push platforms such as OneSignal and PushEngage to make it effortless for you.  Gravitec Fixed Prices Here are all the steps: delete files and scripts of the previously used tool add… Continue Reading →

Push Notifications Examples and Use Cases to Get Started for Blogs, Media, SaaS and E-commerce Websites

A website of any industry meets difficulties trying to reach its audiences with its content. Typically, people search for the information they need at the moment in Google, visit a website, and leave it. Web push notifications help retain your… Continue Reading →

10 Funny Push Notifications Users Actually Enjoy

When it comes to push notifications, unique content attracts attention from subscribers, which, in turn, leads to increased clicks. To engage customers, you need to create interesting campaign concepts, events, and offers for users. Push Notifications Use Cases Here, we… Continue Reading →

How to Send Push Notification From a Website – Step-by-Step Guide

Here we review how to enable push notifications for your website and start sending them to your readers. It will take you less than ten minutes to get to know it. But first, let’s find out why to use push… Continue Reading →

Web Push Notifications Examples in Different Browsers

Before creating a web push marketing campaign, website owners need to find the best way of interacting with their subscribers.  Today we review how web push notifications are displayed on different OS and browsers. You will see what your subscribers… Continue Reading →