Marketers are forced to follow market trends in order to engage their customers. The more effective the marketing channels, the higher the chances to reach your audience.

Web Push notifications are a relatively new tool for communicating with website visitors. Still, they provide many unique features that are not present in other channels.

Read about the differences between web push and app push notifications.

In this article, we will deal with the main benefits of push notifications and their functions for a business.

Do I Need Push Messages?

Browser push notifications are used in all industries today. They are mostly popular among publishers and blogs, which actively use them to maintain the engagement of their readers. They are also becoming more popular with e-commerce and Internet retail companies. The technology is literally suitable for all industries from entertainment and traveling, to financial services, SaaS and software development.


  • You can send messages directly to any internet device via its browser. 
  • The push notification open rate is higher than either SMS or Email. 
  • Messages NEVER go into spam
  • In Windows 10, unopened alerts go to the Notification Center, where the user can view them at their convenience. 
  • You can start a campaign at any time after connecting your website with a push service.

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Push notifications provide subscribers with the latest news from their favorite websites. Therefore, they will not miss out on discounts and bonuses. However, remember that a subscriber can block notifications, if they become annoyed by them.

Why are Push Notifications Important for Advertisers?

We’ve compiled our list of the ten most important benefits of push notifications. We hope that they will convince you of the power of this technology.

Speedy subscriber base collection

A website begins its subscriber base collection immediately after installing a push notification service. The opt-in rate is typically 10-15%. To subscribe, all one needs to do is click ‘Allow’ in the service browser window.

This simple opt-in process leads to the fast growth of the subscriber base.  There is no need to figure out how to motivate a visitor to subscribe. No personal information is required. This process is much more efficient than filling out forms.

However, we recommend sending subscribers a welcome message immediately after they subscribe. This will help to solidify your connection with your subscribers.

Traffic increase

As the subscriber base grows, after the campaign launch, the return traffic will increase. Notifications pop up on subscribers’ screens, and they are difficult to ignore.

With push notifications, the Click-Through Rate (CTR) is up to 30%. You can even calculate your expected increase in traffic and additional revenue using’s Push Calculator. Try it! 

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Once you register for the push notification service you will have access to your push campaign statistics.

  • The subscription report shows how a subscriber base grows. 
  • Campaign history shows information about all push campaigns that were sent.
  • Reports with line and bubble charts, and histograms show CTR changes, the number of delivered, opened and closed notifications.

These statistics help to analyze subscribers’ activity, behavior, and interests. Using these reports, you can create campaigns with the best timings and the most popular content to achieve the best results. 

Appearance diversity

The basic push notification structure includes a header, text, an image and a link.

Chrome and Opera supports rich push notifications with the big images and the extra buttons for Windows and Android.

Thus, you can use interactive elements to engage subscribers. This allows you to diversify messages, and make them more visible and catchy. The Call-to-Action buttons redirect users to different pages, such that you can track their actions.

Audience segmentation

Instead of generating common content for all users, customize messages for different groups. Push notification services provide clients with a segmentation function. You can segment your subscribers by:

  • Countries and cities
  • Browsers
  • Operating systems

This information is obtained at the moment a visitor subscribes. Despite the simplicity of subscribing, the service collects, and stores metadata from the user’s device. 

Segmentation in the service occurs during the creation of a push notification campaign. For instance, you can choose to send a campaign only to Android devices.

Behavioral targeting

On top of basic segmentation, you can also create push notifications using behavioral targeting. This is done through tagging.  

You can set an unlimited number of tags for your website in Assign them to product pages or website categories via REST API. When a subscriber hits a tagged page, that tag will be stored in the push system for that subscriber.

Subsequently, create campaigns to be sent only to subscribers who have a specific tag (or tags).


With Google, Microsoft, Apple support, the technology reaches a wide audience. Web push pops up on both mobile and desktop devices, unlike app push. Thus, the potential audience is at least twice as big and doesn’t require costly app development.

Worldwide Market Share Device Statistics:

As we mentioned above, you can send notifications separately to mobile or desktop devices.

Personalized offers and triggered messages

Personal interaction with a subscriber improves conversion and subscriber loyalty. Using the service via REST API, you can assign an alias (personal identifier) to a subscriber. When someone subscribes for push notifications they cannot be identified personally. But if a subscriber clicks on a notification, and logs in on a website (assuming they’re already registered), their email, phone number, or token, etc., will be stored in the web push system. This allows you to interact with an individual subscriber personally, and send them transactional/triggered notifications. For example, you may wish to send a notification when a subscriber makes a purchase.

Increased Conversion Rate

Push notifications boost both website traffic and the conversion rate.  Clear messages, that match user requests, lead to passing through the sales funnel. Push technology helps to promote your product gradually. It encourages a subscriber to return to a website again and again so that they get to know your products better with each visit. You keep them engaged by sending the latest news or special offers, etc. They, in turn, can evaluate the benefits of your company and can easily make a purchase.

Read more about customer lifecycle.

Easy to use

A push notification service provides marketers with all of the technology which allows them to instantly send push campaigns. Marketers should be able to use their time creating effective strategies, rather than trying to figure out how to use the technology.

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The main benefits of web push notifications:

  1. Subscriber base collection starts right after installation
  2. Visitors opt-in with just one click
  3. Subscriber engagement and website traffic increase
  4. A variety of design approaches
  5. Ability to segment subscribers
  6. Targeting by subscriber’s interests
  7. Reach both mobile and desktop users
  8. Personalized interaction
  9. Conversion rate improvement
  10. Ease of use

If you have any questions about push campaigns, please contact our support team.