If you frequently update content on your website, you need a way to notify your subscribers about new articles. This increases repeat traffic to your website and converts subscribers to regular readers.

Here, we discuss two options to inform subscribers about new blog posts or articles on WordPress. We’ll find out how to automatically send WordPress push notifications and emails after you publish posts on your website.

How to notify subscribers with web push

You can easily alert your subscribers about new content by using web push notifications for WordPress.

After receiving a notification, a subscriber needs to click on it to open your webpage with the new article. 

If you have web push technology installed on your website, you get subscriptions in one, or two clicks. After a visitor of your website clicks “Allow” on the permission prompt, they will start receiving your notifications.

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Typically, websites use push platforms that provide a full set of features for creating push campaigns. This includes being able to send notifications both manually and automatically. 

TOP-7 Web Push Services

Creating notifications manually for every new publication can be overwhelming, as well as tedious. Thankfully, there are several ways to send them automatically. The RSS to Push feature is a prime example of push automation. It facilitates sending notifications from your website’s RSS Feed immediately after a new article is published.

How to send notifications about new articles in Gravitec.net

In order to send WordPress push notifications from your RSS Feed in Gravitec.net, there are four easy steps: 

  1. Install the Gravitec.net WordPress push notifications plugin
  2. Add an RSS Feed to the Gravitec.net system
  3. Choose ‘Breaking News’ or ‘Top News’
  4. Set a time to send notifications and the number of campaigns per day

By installing the WordPress push notifications plugin, web push technology will be integrated with your website. To send automated campaigns, you need to set them in your account in the Gravitec.net system.

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After you add the RSS Feed, the system will automatically create campaigns. All notification elements title, description, icon –  are pulled from the web page metadata.

There are two options from which you can choose – ‘Breaking News’ or ‘Top News’. 

With  ‘Breaking News’, subscribers will automatically get notified about your latest updates.

You can send breaking news to all subscribers or to a certain segment. Additionally, you can set specific categories, such that news from only certain areas of your website will be sent.

With ‘Top News’, the system will send notifications with the most popular items to your subscribers.

You have to set a time period for your news to be sent and the number of campaigns per day. The Free Plan in Gravitec.net allows you to send 5 automated campaigns per day.

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For each campaign, you will get statistics of delivered, opened, and closed notifications. So, you can analyze which content is the most popular and determine subscriber interests.

How to email new posts to subscribers in WordPress?

In a similar way, you can email your subscribers about new posts. There are plenty of newsletter plugins for WordPress, developed by email marketing services. The most popular of these are:

Most of them have drag-and-drop email editors to create newsletters directly from your WordPress dashboard. 

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But, if you want to send emails automatically, you need to use the RSS to Email feature. 

Let’s take a look at how this works on Brevo.

  1. Add your RSS Feed to the service
  2. Choose and customize a template for your newsletters
  3. Select a list of recipients 
  4. Schedule how frequently the system will check for new posts in your feed. An email campaign will only be created if there is a new item in your RSS Feed.
  5. Activate automation

You will get campaign reports in your account.

RSS to Push vs RSS to Email

Push notifications have a higher open rate (CTR) than that emails. And even if a subscriber doesn’t click on a web push, they will still see it on their device. 

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Email newsletters often end up in a subscriber’s spam folder. And even in the inbox, they may remain unopened for days. But emails have been popular for years, and many companies still use them as their main communication channel. 

If you already have many email subscribers, try using both channels. Push subscriptions are fast and automatic. So you will have an alternate tool to send notifications in a few months. This will give you the opportunity to see which channel is more effective.

How to Pair Push with Email Campaigns


RSS to Push and/or RSS to Email automation is especially helpful for blogs and news websites. They allow you to create/send campaigns, notifying your subscribers about new content, without taking up much of your time. Once you set the parameters and a schedule, the system automatically generates newsletters/push notifications for the WordPress website. 

If you have any questions about web push campaigns, please, contact the Gravitec.net support team.

The Gravitec.net service is an easy-to-use platform for sending push notifications from websites. Push technology enables you to inform subscribers of updates and new posts. You can also create targeted and triggered campaigns, send notifications automatically, and see campaign statistics.
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