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10 Best Push Notifications WordPress Plugins for 2023

Every minute people create 380 websites worldwide, so the task can seem daunting when you aim to get out there. You start with creating great content and an appealing storefront. However, to get noticed, you’ll need marketing tools to bring… Continue Reading →

How to Build a WordPress Website – Step-by-step Guide for 2023

Why should you build your website yourself? Well, it’s cheaper than hiring a developer or agency. It also creates a shorter feedback loop. If you see that something isn’t working with your customers, you can tweak the design or features… Continue Reading →

12 Essential WordPress Plugins for Bloggers to Get Started in 2023

WordPress is a perfect engine to create your blog on — WordPress offers the key features out of the box to start and run a blog. There are more than 60 million blogs on WordPress that prove that it makes… Continue Reading →

5 Best WordPress Pop-up Plugins – Free and Paid Solutions for your Website (Review + Installation Guide)

Pop-ups are an effective way to convert your website’s visitors into customers. Sumo’s research says that the average conversion rate for a website pop-up is 3.09%. That’s higher than just directing users to a landing page with a subscription form:… Continue Reading →

How to Use the WordPress Page Builders and Choosing the Best for your Site

Website builders can help you create a WordPress website for your business without hiring a developer. How do you choose a page builder that fits your needs? How to install one and get started?  This article will explore page builders… Continue Reading →

How to Create a Squeeze Page on WordPress and Drive Traffic to it [+Real-life Examples]

Marketers still hope for people to read their emails, and not in vain: 59% name emails as their most significant source of ROI. Additionally, the number of email users is projected to reach 4.6 billion users in 2025.  So, how… Continue Reading →

How to Publish a Website Built with WordPress and Website Builders

To get your website online, you don’t have to hire a coder or be able to code yourself. There are so many resources these days that don’t require coding skills. In this article, you’ll learn how to publish a website…. Continue Reading →

How to Build an Affiliate Website that Generates Income using WordPress and Site Builders

Affiliate marketing is a way to create passive income by promoting products or services on your website. It’s quite competitive, but still, it’s a very attractive market. According to Statista, affiliate marketing in the US will reach 8.5 billion in… Continue Reading →

How to Get More Views on WordPress

Starting a website on WordPress is quite a task, you deal with domains and hosting, tweak your theme, and then realize that you also need to get people to see it, otherwise you put all that effort for nothing. Stats… Continue Reading →

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