The chances are, you’re here because you want to start a website. And, WIX is a great solution to help you with this. If you decide to build your website using WIX, you’re in the right place. Here we briefly review WIX prices so that you can estimate expenses on your website before starting it.

What is a WIX website? is a cloud-based service that allows building hosted websites using the drag-and-drop editor and over 800 templates. The WIX platform has all you need for your website in one place — hosting server, domain name, and software to build your website. However, you are limited by features that WIX provides, and have no access to the website folders in case if you need in-depth customization or move your site to another host.

So, WIX is a great tool if you’re not into coding. It allows you to start a website in just a few hours. But, if you need full control over your website, WordPress is a better choice because it gives you the means to create a self-hosted website with access to site folders.

As for 2021, WIX claims that it has over 200 million registered users. According to Builtwith,  there are roughly 4 million live WIX websites. 

Popular WIX websites


Here is an example of a neat web page built with Wix.Wix website example

A brief overview of how to start a Wix website

First, you need to create an account on Then, you have two options to design your website.

  1. Wix ADI (Artificial design intelligence)
  2. Wix Editor 

Wix Editor vs Wix ADI If you choose WIX ADI, you will need to answer questions about preferred features and design, and enter your website name. ADI will create a website based on your answers. After you get a ready-made design you can edit it with an ADI Editor.

The WIX Editor allows you to customize more website elements than the ADI Editor. So, if you want to dig deeper into the customization process, the WIX editor is a better choice for you. Before using WIX Editor you need to choose a template that you will customize.Wix templates

Along with features included in a template you can expand your website functionality by adding plugins. They are placed in the WIX App Market.Wix App Market

After you designed your website, click Publish to put it online. This process is similar in other website builders. Learn how to publish a website using website builders.

If you’re using WIX for free, you’ll not be able to use a custom domain. To change this, you have to purchase a WIX paid plan.

Let’s dive into the difference between WIX plans so that you can find one that matches your needs and lets you fit into your budget.

WIX Free vs Paid 

Publishing a website with the WIX Free Plan, your domain name will look like this – Additionally, WIX will display their ads on your every web page.Wix ads

Plus, the Free plan is limited by the Storage and Bandwith space to up to 500 Mb. 

Storage is a place where your website files such as audio and video are stored. Bandwidth is a space that is needed to let users smoothly load your media files.

So, if you need a custom domain name and more than 500 Mb space for your website, choose from Wix Premium Plans. Also, you will need premium plans if you want to accept online payments. But if you’re testing your website or start a hobby blog the Free Plan is a great option.

Wix Pricing Plans

How much does the Wix premium cost? It depends on what kind of website you want to build. If you start a non-commercial personal website the most basic plan will be enough. But to build an online store you will need to get a more advanced plan.

WIX has seven pricing plans in two categories — Website Plans and Business & eCommerce Plans. Website Plans suit blogs, service businesses, and portfolio sites. Business Plans allow you to sell products and get online payments. 

Note that pricing plans vary depending on your geographic location. For example, US and Netherlands users will be charged differently.

Wix Premium Plans Prices for the US

Wix Prices for the Netherlands

Note that prices are given per month for an annual payment. So, if you choose the Unlimited Website Plan as a US user you will have to pay $18 x 12 months. If you want to pay monthly, the price for Unlimited will be $23. If you turn on your VPN, you can get better deal.Wix Price per month

For your first website, typically, Wix provides a 50% discount for the first year of use on Vip and Unlimited Plans.Wix 50% discount

Let’s discuss plans and features that they include in more detail.

Wix Website Plans Features

  • Custom domain enables you to add your own URL if you have one instead of the Wix default domain name.
  • Free domain for 1 year. Wix provides a free domain with the most popular extensions such as .com and .net., but after one year you’ll need to pay for its renewal.
  • Remove Wix Ads. With the paid plan, your site will be free of Wix ads.
  • Storage. Increase the storage capacity to load as many files as you need.
  • Bandwidth. Decide how much data your visitors will be able to see at a certain time.
  • Video Hours. Choose how many video hours you want to upload and stream on your website.
  • $300 Ad Voucher is a deposit that you can spend on Google Ads.
  • Site Booster App is the Wix app that improves search engine rankings. Vip and Unlimited Wix plans allow you to use Site Booster’s premium features for free. 
  • Professional Logo. If you choose the Vip plan, you can create your logo of all formats by using the Wix Logo Maker. 
  • Social Media Logo Files is available for Vip plan users and allows creating high-quality social media logos with the Wix Logo Maker.
  • Customer Care. Wix provides 24/7 support for all the paid plans, but the Vip plan gives you priority support.

Wix Business Plans Features

The Business plan includes all from Website Plans and many additional features for selling products. Here is the list of the four most required features.

  • Secure Online Payment. Wix has its own payment platform that allows accept credit card payments and manage transactions in the Wix dashboard. Before choosing this feature check if it is supported in your country. Plus, consider Wix’s processing fee for payments.
  • Plans & Recurring Payment. You can choose from a variety of templates to build your pricing plans. And, you’ll be able to use Wix apps that include recurring payments to activate renewals on a monthly basis.
  • Customer Accounts allows you to save customer’s information such as a payment method to simplify users’ checkout process.
  • Customized Reports let you see and compare statistics based on business purposes such as boosting sales and traffic. This is available only for the Business Vip plan.

Check out the table with all of the Wix Plans for the US.

Website PlansBusiness & eCommerce Plans
ComboUnlimitedProVipBusiness BasicBusiness UnlimitedBusiness Vip
Price, annual payment$168.00$216.00$276.00$468.00$276$324$588
Price, monthly payment$18$23$28$47$28$33$56
Custom Domain
Free Domain for 1 Year
Remove Wix Ads
Storage Space3Gb10Gb20Gb35Gb20Gb35Gb50Gb
Video Hours30 minutes1 Hour2 Hours5 Hours5 Hours10 HoursUnlimited
$300 Ad Voucher
Secure Online Payments
Plans & Recurring Payments
Customer Accounts
Customized Reports
Customer Care24/724/724/7Priority24/724/7Priority

Check out Wix pricing for your country.

So, the minimal price to build a Wix website with your own domain name is $168 per year. However, if you want to create a portfolio website with a lot of photos, consider increasing the storage space and upgrade your plan to Unlimited or Pro Plan. For building an online store you’ll need a Business plan as well as to accept subscription payments if you’re running a B2B website.

Essential features to add to your Wix website

Is there any extra fee that Wix charges? It depends on what features you add to your website. In the Wix App Market, you can choose from plenty of native and third-party apps to improve your website performance, design, and user experience. Some of them are free, others have both free and premium plans. 

Some Wix apps especially for selling products available only if you use Wix paid plans.

Check out the list of five essential apps to estimate possible additional expenses. Costs are given per month for annual payment.

  • 123 Form Builder & Payments is an app to create any type of forms such as contact and payments forms, and collect leads. Their Free Plan allows creating 1 form with up to 10 fields. If you need more, the Starter Plan includes 3 forms for $3.99 per month.
  • Visitor Analytics tracks users’ behavior so that you can see statistics on visits, time spent on your site, bounce rate, and much more. You can start for free, but when your traffic exceeds 1,000 visits per month you’ll need to upgrade to the Basic Plan for $7.46 per month. However, Visitor Analytics is among Premium Apps that are included in Premium Wix Plans.
  • Wix Chat allows you to add a chat window to your website to greet visitors and let them chat with you. You can use it for free. Premium plans start from $10 per month and include advanced marketing features such as lead capture forms. 
  • Gravitec Push Notifications recover lost visitors and notify your subscribers about your new posts and product updates. You can start for free with limited features and up to 10,000 subscribers. Premium plans start from $20 per month and allow you to add notifications to an unlimited number of websites. Learn more about Wix push notifications.
  • Site Search is free for up to 30 searches per month. Premium plans start from $5.98 for up to 500 searches per month.

So, you will need at least $20-30 per month to use 3-4 premium Wix apps.

Additionally, if you want to get a business email address from G Suite such as you’ll need to purchase it for $5 per month.

Let’s summarize

  • You can use Wix for free with limited features. The most significant limitation is that you can’t use your own domain name. Plus, Storage and Bandwith space are limited here to up to 500Mb, Wix displays ads on your web pages and you can’t sell products.
  • Wix prices for premium plans start from $168 per year with the Combo Website Plan to $588 with the Business Vip plan. Wix prices differ depending on the country, so you need to check out current prices in your region on the Wix website.
  • With Website Plans, you can create portfolios, blogs, and service websites. If you want to sell products, you need to upgrade to Business Plans. 
  • To expand the functionality of your website using premium apps from the Wix App Store, you’ll need to consider additional expenses. Pricing starts from $4-10 per app per month. 
  • Custom email address also requires additional cost — $5 per month.
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