What are the reasons of choosing a particular messenger for private use? The most frequent way to pick it is getting the same app the friends have. But there are definite reasons to explore the app’s functions and unique features before loading. Besides the popularity, users also pay attention to the capabilities of each messenger, its convenience, etc. A set of factors influences the final consumers choice.

In this article, we will compare WhatsApp and Viber features.

You will learn what to consider when installing this apps, and how to evaluate their pros and cons.

What to Like About Both Services?

Instant messengers provide us great opportunity to communicate with each other freely. They have a lot in common, so let’s discover the similar features of both apps first.

Viber and WhatsApp messenger provides:

  • End-to-end encryption,
  • Text messages transferring,
  • Voice and video calls,
  • Voice and video recording exchange,
  • Photos and documents transfer,
  • Group chats.

Both messengers are available for mobile (Android, iOS) and desktop devices (Windows, Mac).

Difference Between Viber and Whatsapp

We’ve collected twelve basic options to compare the functions availability in two apps.

Viber WhatsApp
End-to-End encryption + +
Groups + +
Communities +
Hidden Chat +
Secret Chat +
Calls app to app + +
External calls +
Stickers + +
Photos transfer + +
Files transfer + +
Video and voice records + +
Games +
12 7

Viber versus Whatsapp is twelve vs seven points.

What’s in common?

  • Both apps protect chats and calls with end-to-end encryption.
  • Viber and WhatsApp allows creating Groups with the limited number of participants.
  • You can make video and voice calls to anyone from your contact list or to the contacts with the same active app on a smartphone. This convenient feature is available in both messengers.
  • Send any type of media files and documents via the messengers. Share the contact or your location.
  • Make voice and video records for instant exchange.

So, what’s the difference between two apps?

We’ll explore each item in details.

Why is Viber Better than WhatsApp?

Viber has a wide range of functions, which makes it a universal app for various user requests.

  1. There are three types of group communication: Groups, Communities, Broadcast list. Group Chat has limited number of participants instead of Communities, where you have admin rights and features for business purposes. Broadcast list let you send separate messages to multiple contacts at once. WhatsApp provides Groups only.
  2. The user privacy needs are taken into account. You can choose a number of options to protect your data or visibility. Use Hidden Chat to keep your private conversation (with PIN) from anyone who may have access to your device. Self-destructing messages in Secret Chat protect the sensitive info from forwarding, copying by your contact. WhatsApp doesn’t have this options.
  3. Besides of end-to-end encryption Viber suggests additional security measures. You can add the proven contacts to the Trust list. This option excludes the possibility of messages interception by third party.  
  4. Viber and WhatsApp both provides free video and voice calls to any contact who has installed app. However, Viber Out option allows to make calls to any landline or mobile number for an extra fee. Therefore, you can use the app just like Skype at lower rates. There is no similar function in WhatsApp yet.
  5. Viber provides an entertainment option as well. Invite your friends to Viber Games if you like. In addition, there are many sticker packs for colorful chatting in the app. WhatsApp has less number of stickers in its library.

Why is WhatsApp better than Viber?

Despite of Viber’s multi functionality WhatsApp has its own benefits.

  1. The simple interface provides understandable and clear interaction with the app. As well as the limited number of capabilities reduces the time to study the messenger’s features. Viber seems more cluttered.
  2. WhatsApp has more users in its base: over 800 million in Viber vs about 1200 million in WhatsApp. Since 2014, Facebook owns the app.

The Winner

If we consider the main features and capabilities, Viber is the winner of comparison. It has more options that make it a universal app for communication. It is confidently gaining popularity and leads in the user’s preferences list in different countries. Still, WhatsApp is extremely popular in the world and we will watch the struggle of the two leaders for a long time.


What should you prefer? Viber or WhatsApp?

To choose the messenger pay attention to these points:

  • Which app do your friends and colleagues use?
  • What functions do you want to activate?
  • How secure is the app?
  • Can you use one app for multiple options?
  • What communication quality does the app provide?
  • How comfortable is to communicate via the messenger?

Try both apps to get the one you really need.

Read our review about Viber security system. Follow the new articles in our blog.

Viber vs WhatsApp – Which Is Better? (Detailed Comparison)
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