Here we show the difference between and OneSignal in terms of web push notifications. These two services are among the top five push tools worldwide. So, if you’re choosing between them, you’re in the right place to make a decision.

Meet and OneSignal was established in 2016 as a web push platform for non-tech users. is designed so that any website owner could in a few minutes gear their website with all the essentials to send push notifications. This straightforward tool provides such advanced features as segmentation and automation out of the box. for SMB

OneSignal was founded in 2014 as an all-in-one solution for sending in-app messages, emails and text messages, mobile and web push notifications. It is the best fit for enterprises and developers who want to implement an all-in-one messaging service into their business and customize it for its specific needs. 

Reviews about and OneSignal

We show you some reviews and ratings that the services have on such popular platforms as WordPress and G2.

WordPress reviews and statistics

The plugin has 2,000+ active installations on WordPress and 40+ reviews with a rating of 4,8. See one of the reviews.

Onesignal has 100,000+ WordPress installations and 320 reviews with 4,4 stars. 

See what people say about the plugin.

G2 reviews has 30 reviews with an average rating of 4,6 stars. 

Onesignal has 328 reviews with an average rating of 4,6 stars

Additionally, check out video reviews made by real services users.

Compare Features features

The set-up process takes less than fifteen minutes. It has a no-code integration by using the WordPress plugin. Also, you will find the Shopify integration, and options to quickly integrate the service with any CMS and builders like WIX in the dashboard. Features

Right after you install the service you can customize your permission prompt, add the bell widget and enable automation features. 

There are five automations.

  1. RSS to Push (to send notifications from your RSS Feed)
  2. Tweet to Push (to automatically send pushes from your Twitter)
  3. Push Digest (to send the best daily/weekly content in one notification)
  4. Drip Campaigns (to send a series of pushes to new subscribers)
  5. Welcome Message (to welcome your new subscribers). 

All of these features are ready to use without coding. You only need to set them up, and the service will automatically create notifications based on your website data and send them to your subscribers. In addition to these automations, you can set up triggered notifications such as Abandoned cart by using custom settings via REST API.

To segment subscribers, you can use unlimited custom tags, and filters by browser, operating system, city, country, and language. 

All the campaign statistics are shown in Campaign History. Additionally, you will find the Reports section in the dashboard to compare and analyze campaign results.

OneSignal features

OneSignal provides integrations with the most popular CMSs and builders such as WordPress, Shopify, Magento and others. The setup process is mostly the same (except for WordPress) — you need to add your website URL, then set up a prompt, welcome notification, and advanced features such as  webhooks, service workers, and click behavior. After that, you’ll need to download SDK-files and copy-paste the code from the OneSignal dashboard. So, yes, as we mentioned, OneSignal is for techy-minded people. Note, that if your website is WIX-based you’ll not be able to start installation without the OneSignal premium plan. 

In OneSignal, you can create notifications manually which is time-consuming, or by using templates. It has six templates such as New Feature Announcement and Price Drop Alert. Alternatively, you can create custom templates. All of these templates can be used to automatically send notifications after a certain amount of time or if a user returns to your website. 

In addition, you can set up automatically triggered notifications such as Welcome messages, Abandoned cart, and Re-engage inactive users.

OneSignal also has advanced features like Journeys (available for the Professional and Enterprise plans), Personalization, Segmentation, and A/B testing which requires preliminary preparation and implementation.

Compare prices and limits

The pricing starts from $20 per month for 20K subscribers for the annual payment. If you expect more than 20K subscribers, the next plan is $41 per month for 50K subscribers. All paid plans include unlimited notifications, unlimited automations/users/websites/tags/segments. The full set of basic features is also included. The Free plan is available for up to 10K subscribers, plus, it limits the number of automations, and segments, and includes the unremovable copyright. 

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The OneSignal pricing starts from $9 per month + $3 for every 1,000 subscribers in your base. This means that you can’t predict the exact amount of payment per month if your base grows quickly. Limits for the Growth plan (for $9) are such that you can use not more than 10 segments, 20 tags, and 10 automated messages. Plus, there is no access to advanced analytics and advanced features like Journeys. 


  • The service is specifically designed to send web push notifications.
  • Onesignal is an all-in-one platform that includes push notifications, emails, and in-app messages.
  • is a straightforward service with features that are ready to use right after installation. The setup process takes less than fifteen minutes.
  • OneSignal needs some preliminary preparation to start using all of the features and it best fits techy-minded people and developers.
  • Among the features are the customizable prompt, five automations, segmentation, triggered notifications, statistics, and analytics, and automatically generated notifications.
  • Among OneSignal features are the customizable prompt, six templates to automatically generate notification content, automatic messages, segmentation, statistics, and advanced features such as Journeys for the Professional and Enterprise plans.
  • The pricing starts from $20 per month for 20K subscribers.
  • The OneSignal monthly pricing starts from $9 + $3 per each 1K subscribers in your base.
  • paid plans are all unlimited, which means that you’ll not be limited in the number of websites/notifications/automations/segments/tags/users.
  • The most affordable OneSignal plan allows you to use no more than ten segments, twenty data tags, and ten automatic messages. 
  • Both services have free plans.
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