Sitefinity is a CMS platform similar to WordPress. You can share, edit or translate web content within a multi-site, multi-content management system from one dashboard. It’s used to create over 17 thousand websites.

Why use Sitefinity?

Sitefinity allows you to create and manage your content in the cloud. You can edit content, change templates, manage multi-language translation, perform A/B testing and not let it slow you down — Sitefinity promises 60% faster to market for site updates. With a wide variety of features, you can reduce operating costs, as it can cover most marketing needs.

Key features:

  • Flexible API

  • AMP support

  • Comprehensive security

  • Digital assets management

  • Personalization based on persona behavior

  • Cross-platform management

  • Digital commerce support

Push notifications with Sitefinity Website

Sitefinity puts emphasis on versatile communication, but it doesn’t offer a built-in solution for push notifications. Using push notifications on your Sitefinity website can help you:

  • re-engage your Sitefinity with targeted mobile & desktop web push notifications

  • easily build a subscriber base, as to subscribe the visitors won’t have to leave their contact information

  • retain visitors

  • increase page views and conversions by directing visitors to relevant offers and content

  • boost traffic for best-performing content

  • support your multichannel marketing strategy.

How to add push notifications to a Sitefinity website

To integrate push notifications, follow these steps:

  1. Sign up for a Gravitec account.

  2. Add your websiteHow to set up push notifications for a Squarespace website

  3. Go to Settings > Integration tab, select Wix.

  4. Copy the unique script generated for your website.

  5. From your Sitefinity dashboard, go to Actions > Title & Properties > Advanced options > Page templates > HTML included in the <head> tag.

  6. Save changes

Alternatively, you can add the Gravitec script using Google Tag Manager.

After you add the script, you should see an opt-in that shows up on your website. Now you can get to more creative tasks on creating push notification campaigns, customizing opt-ins, and automating notifications, such as RSS to Push. Push notifications can help add versatility to Sitefinity’s multichannel marketing strategy and incorporate real-time communication with your customers.

How to Use Push Notifications for a Sitefinity store

Push notifications can help you set up communication with your site’s visitors in various niches. According to Sitefinity, their top websites belong to non-profits, SaaS products, education services, tobacco companies, eCommerce, and delivery services.

Get the Fix Plan for Push Notifications

Here are some ideas on using push notifications for your Sitefinity site:

  • If your business supports researchers, notify your customers about newly available research.

  • For a nonprofit, thank your donors and let them know what cases you supported.

  • If you deliver products, send updates on delivery with push notifications.

  • If you have membership content, notify users about new posts and resources.

  • For an educational institution, send course updates and deadline reminders.

  • Create drip campaigns, for example, to educate users on how to use your SaaS product.

There’s no strategy that will fit all, especially considering the variety of types of websites that can be built with Sitefinity. A combination of various tactics, A/B testing, and personalization will help you create relevant notifications for your customers. If you have any questions about push notifications, please .