It is time to boost your website traffic even further with AI push notifications now available at This hassle-free tool lets you create impressive push notifications in just one click. It is trained on more than 100 billion push notifications sent to real readers with their responses in mind. So, this tool knows exactly what works best for shaping reader interest and boosting clicks. 

Here we briefly describe how you can benefit from Gravitec AI push notifications and how to use the tool’s features for your success. 

How Gravitec AI has changed the world of push notifications

Recall the last time you created push notifications. You might have spent some time completing all the creation steps, like adding and editing the title and body, and deciding on which number of characters to align with to keep your notifications optimized for any browser. 

See how to create and send a push notification from a website

Plus, before diving into writing a copy, probably, there were a bunch to think about, like: 

  • What words will really pull people in? 
  • How to grab readers’ attention right off the bat? 
  • How can you say a lot with just a few words? 
  • What’s the best vibe for your message? 
  • And after all, where to find that spark of creativity?

It’s all behind you now. All these steps and operations are processed by Gravitec AI

You get an AI assistant directly in your Gravitec dashboard, bringing you tangible benefits. Namely, this tool helps you as follows.

  1. Speeds up push notification content creation.
  2. Optimizes content in line with the push notification format and browser requirements.
  3. Crafts captivating messages for any topic without a hassle.
  4. Adds variety to your overall push content you send daily.
  5. Improves your push notification click-through rate.
  6. Attracts more repeat traffic to your website.

It looks like an impressive add-on to your standard push notification toolset, right?


Next you will see that it is extremely easy to use this tool.

How AI push notifications by work

Gravitec AI is your time-saver with no parallel in the push notification market. You don’t even have to add some keywords to start creating your AI push notification. 

Simply copy and paste your target URL into the designated field, then click on the Gravitec AI button, done. It’s as easy as that!

ai push notifications

Another great new Gravitec feature is navigating across all generated results. Say, you have generated several content pieces for one URL, and wish to choose between them. All you need to do is click “prev” or “next” to set the best combination. You also can combine AI-generated content with texts generated with the Autofill button. Just to remind, by clicking Autofill, you generate push notification’s title and text based on your OG tags. This variety of content results is also a helpful source for A/B testing.

Note that there are four options to set a tone-of-voice for your push notification: Breaking New, Casual, Enthusiastic, Formal, Humorous. Adjust it in consistency with your brand’s image, message objective, and target audience. 

And the best part is that Gravitec AI works for any language, so you’re free to use it for whatever market and group of push notification

Ready to try Gravitec AI right now? Sign up for Gravitec and opt for a 7-day trial to test all AI features for free.

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