When it comes to push notifications, unique content attracts attention from subscribers, which, in turn, leads to increased clicks. To engage customers, marketers have to create interesting campaign concepts, events, and offers for users.

Here, we introduce some ideas you might use for your campaigns. Or, perhaps they will serve to get your own creative juices flowing!

Basic features of web push composition

  • Web push notifications pop up on mobile and desktop devices. Web push has different character limits and image sizes depending on various OS and/or browsers. Thus, in order to send relevant messages, you should divide your audience by the most significant characteristics. Planning precedes sending. 
  • A push message contains a title and a description, an icon and a web page URL. On top of that, you can add emojis and use rich web push capabilities – big images and extra buttons. 
  • Push notifications pop up when you send them! So, you should carefully select the time for message sending, so that they are most effective. Investigate when your audience is more active, and ready to make a purchase decision or read website info. 
  • Use trigger and personal notifications as well. To shorten the distance between a company and a client, send messages that match the user’s requests. 

Example: The abandoned cart alert.

This interaction reminds a visitor of their interest, demonstrates attention to customer needs, and provides an opportunity to complete a transaction.

To use segmentation by tags, aliases, triggers, integrate push technology with your website via REST API.

  • Using a variety of Topics can make push campaigns more attractive to subscribers.  They maintain their interest in company alerts, because they always receive something new and unexpected. You can use events, economic or political news, personal offers, discounts, etc. to vary the content of your push notifications. 

Read more about push notification types and web push segmentation tool.

10 Funny notification examples

Here, we use some popular funny app push texts and turn them to web push notifications. This will show you the benefits of web push technology capabilities.

What’s the difference between app and web push notifications?

Targeting feature. Netflix sends app push notifications to targeted groups by interests. For example, one audience segment watches a comedy series, and another is interested in detective shows. In the same way, using web push technology you can tag subscribers by their actions on a website. Then, while creating a notification, select the relevant tag for a specific group. 

  • App push example:
  • Web push example (Chrome, Windows 10):

For this example, we’ve added an image from the series and a CTA button. The image visually lets the recipient know the topic. Netflix’s URL (instead of push.gravitec.net) shows the sender. The CTA button helps the subscriber make a decision immediately.

Campaigns for a mass audience. Spotify attracts subscribers’ attention by setting up an event with text about a legendary rock group!

For browser notification, we can add an icon or a big image of The Beatles.

  • Standard web push:
  • Rich push notification:

The photo in the last rendition tends to evoke more emotion than the first two.  This will have a positive effect on the campaign results. On average, a rich web push with a big image results in roughly two times higher CTR. Thus, it boosts a visitor’s retention to a website as well.

Social networks use triggered push notifications constantly. In this way, users are notified about new messages by apps or websites. 

  • Here is a funny Tinder example:
  • And here is how we’ve changed it.

The alert contains two buttons for an instant response. You can accept a personal request or decline it. 

Gravitec.net’s push platform allows customers to send personalized messages from a website. Instead of a tag, we use an alias to identify an individual user.

The next notifications example shows how a commercial company uses a popular TV series in its ads.

For a web push, we’ll put an image of the ‘GOT’ character to make the message more interactive.

On Windows 10 and macOS push notifications are saved in Notifications Center after they are displayed if there is no user action. Thus, subscribers can read alerts later, regardless of when a message arrives.

Transactional notifications alert users about their personal actions, payment, delivery conditions, etc. 

The funny text from Amazon references Star Wars. The recipient gets a pleasant impression of the company due to the message. It increases customer loyalty.

If the company sends a web push notification, it’ll pop up like this.

Instead of Amazon’s logo, we might use an image from Star Wars. However, in this example, we are focusing on the company’s written interaction with the subscriber.

Apps can also use a geotargeting tool to send info to subscribers based on their location. 

  • An app push example:

Web push technology provides marketers the ability to create campaigns targeting a region. Once a visitor subscribes, their browser provides the Gravitec.net system with their location info. Thus, you can segment the audience, and send separate messages, to people in different countries, cities, etc.

A web push notification example on an Android device (Chrome browser):

Online media use apps to interact with readers as well. 

Google introduced a new technology to save smartphone disk space and speed up webpage loading. PWA or Progressive Web App is a mix of app and mobile websites. Users download a compressed website version and get access to its content by the icon on the home screen. PWA uses web push notifications to interact with a mobile audience.

Web push is widely used by mass media due to its cross-platform feature. A user clicks once, while visiting a website via any browser, and becomes a subscriber. Media websites send notifications more frequently than eCommerce sites. They have more news, occasions to interact with readers.

Notice the emojis in the text! Using them can give your messages more feeling.

There is one more funny push notification. It consists of a provocative title and an intriguing description. In our experience, this approach is very successful! 

  • An app original example
  • Web push example for Android via Chrome

However, funny ads are well-remembered but do not always bring high CTR. 

Funny ads can be more memorable, but don’t always net a high CTR. 

Here is an example with well-tested text elements, to invite subscribers to an interaction.

  • To notify subscribers about a live stream or an online course you can use a time limitation, or tell them the number of people is already there. We’ve added the ‘Watch’ button to reinforce our intentions.

The last example is from the Black Friday campaign of a Gravitec.net client. We composed the message with a reference to a popular movie to make it funny and noticeable. We added a big image and two buttons to make it interactive.

This campaign had good results due to its intriguing content, timely offer, and the event’s popularity. 


Funny texts in web push notifications arouse subscriber interest, make messages more memorable, and increase audience loyalty. Furthermore, you can use rich web push options, segmentation tools, and triggered alerts, in order to enhance your CTR. The more variety you use, the more clicks you will get.

If you have any questions about push campaign launch, please contact our support team.