You can customize the appearance of your push notifications in different ways by the use of graphic elements. You can use either:

  • Standard images
  • Rich push

In this review, we talk about images in push notifications and their influence on campaign results. Additionally, we review some extra graphic elements that help improve the attractiveness of your messages.

What are push notifications 

Basic web push appearance and CTR

The standard image size in a web push is 192 x 192 px. A basic notification contains a standard image, besides a title, description, and link.

There are two approaches on how to use standard images:

  1. Notifications with the same image for each campaign (for example, a company logo)
  2. Different images for each campaign (product photos, etc.)

Some companies create multiple campaigns with the same picture to emphasize their brand. However, this has proven to be less effective than using campaign-specific images. Subscribers eventually tire of the monotony. Graphic elements attract attention immediately upon receipt of notification. With a catchy image, a subscriber is more likely to click on the notification. Over time, it is more difficult to grab their attention when you continue to use the same image. 

How does it work? Here is a bubble chart with statistics of a news website that uses the platform.

As you can see, the CTR (Click-Through-Rate) changes over time. 

On the left side of the chart, metrics are significantly lower than on the right. The vertical line indicates the date of the CTR increase. On that day, the company changed its push strategy. They substituted using their logo image, for using different images for each campaign, based on the current topic. As a result, their CTR skyrocketed. Due to the new approach, subscriber activity has dramatically increased, as well as website traffic. 

Learn how to create push campaigns.

The platform allows customers to send campaigns in just one click from their RSS Feed. In this case, images are pulled automatically from the web page metadata.

Read more about automation features in

Rich web push notifications

You can use the “Rich web push” feature when creating push campaigns with 

A rich push notification consists of a big image (360×240 px), title, description, and a link, or buttons.

Using a big picture in your notification is a good way to promote a specific product (book, food, etc.). Big-sized images show expanded graphical information. They give subscribers a better idea of the offer.

You can send a rich web push to subscribers who use either mobile or desktop devices. However, they must be using the latest versions of Chrome / Chromium browser. 

According to statistics, notifications with big images get fewer clicks than standard web push notifications.

However, banner images are suitable for campaigns that introduce a new product or advertise some event. In addition, campaign diversity engages subscribers into more stable and prolonged interaction. 

We invite you to create a rich push campaign with after registration.

Extra graphic items

Rich web push can also contain one or two buttons, each of which will have an icon. They give you an added opportunity to grab the attention of your subscribers. Buttons are interactive items, which allow you to track subscriber behavior (clicks) with UTM marks.    

When creating a campaign in, you can add an emoji to emotionally charge your message. 

Emojis are available for the notification title, and description. 


Images and other graphic elements in your notifications attract attention. They make your messages more catchy. You are much more likely to keep your subscribers engaged, for a longer period of time, if you vary your approach to interacting with them. To this end, you can use either standard or big images, and use different ones for each campaign. Emojis add emotion to the messages that you want to share with your subscribers. And buttons provide interactivity to your communication. 

If you have any questions about push campaigns, please contact the Support Team.

The service is an easy-to-use platform for sending push notifications from websites. Push technology enables you to inform subscribers of updates and new posts. You can also create targeted and triggered campaigns, send notifications automatically, and see campaign statistics.
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