You can customize push notification appearance in different ways with graphic elements. There are two main features to vary your campaigns:

  • Standard images,
  • Rich push.

In this review, we will talk about images in push notifications and their influence on campaign results. Additionally, we will review some extra graphic elements that help to improve your message attractiveness. 

What are push notifications? – Ultimate guide. 

Basic web push appearance and campaign’s CTR

The standard image size in a web push is 192×192 px. Basic notifications contain a standard image besides a title, description and link.

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There are two approaches on how to use standard image:

  1. Notifications with the same image for each campaign (for example, a company logo),
  2. Different images for each campaign (product photos, etc.). 

Some companies create multiple campaigns with always the same picture to emphasize their brand. However, this solution is less effective than using unique images for every campaign. The monotony decreases subscribers’ interest in company updates. Graphic elements attract user attention immediately after notification delivery. Thus, a catchy image provokes recipients’ clicks. On the other hand, similar notifications become just a part of a user’s daily routine. Web push notificationss with always the same image can’t grab subscribers’ attention after recipients are used to their appearance.

How does it work? Here is an example of our customer’s campaigns.

It is a statistics from campaign history of a news website. This graph shows how campaigns results (CTR) change in time. 

In the left part of the chart, indicators are significantly lower than in the right field. The date of CTR increase is marked with the vertical line. From this day on, the company’s leadership decided to change their push strategy. They substitute a permanent logo for various images for each campaign according to its current topic. As a result, campaigns CTR has skyrocketed. Due to the new approach, subscribers’ activity was highly increased as well as website traffic. 

Gravitec platform provides its customers with an opportunity to send campaigns in just one click from RSS-Feed. In this case, images are uploaded automatically from a web page metadata.

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Rich web push notifications

You can use another set of options while creating a push campaign with «Rich web push» tool. What does it mean?

Rich push notification consists of a big image (360×240 px), title, description, link or buttons.

Attaching big pictures to your notifications is a good solution to promote specific products (books, food, etc.). Big-sized images can contain expanded graphic information, thus, they provide subscribers with additional hips about an offer.

You can send rich web push to users with both mobile and desktop devices. However, this tool is available only for the latest versions of Chrome / Chromium browser. Not all recipients will be able to see additional items.

According to statistics, notifications with big images get less clicks than standard web push notifications.

However, banner images are suitable for specific campaigns to introduce a new product, or some event you want to highlight. Furthermore, campaigns diversity engage subscribers into stable and prolonged interaction. 

Try to create a rich push campaign in dashboard after registration

Extra graphic items

Rich web push can contain one or two buttons. Each of them is provided with an icon. It’s an additional opportunity to grab users’ attention to your campaign. Besides, buttons are interactive items and you can track subscribers’ behavior (clicks) with UTM marks.  

In interface, you can use emoji while creating a push campaign charge a message emotionally. 

Emojis are available for both notification title and description. 


By properly utilizing web push campaign settings you can significantly increase the campaigns results. Images and other graphic elements attract recipients’ attention to the notification. They enhance a message’s appearance and make it catchy. Marketing strategy that contains different approaches to interaction with users has good chances to keep them engaged for a long time. Thus, launch mixed campaign series with standard and big images, which are different for each new topic. Emojis will add emotions to news, offer or story, while buttons provide interactivity to your communication. 

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