Browser notifications were developed for fast websites and apps news sharing with their audience. However, this interaction sometimes becomes intrusive and users need simple solutions to avoid pop ups. In Firefox browser, you can easily manage the notification options. Every user has access to the browser settings to improve its convenience.

With this article, you will learn how to disable and enable Firefox notifications on desktop and mobile devices.

How to Turn Off Notifications in Firefox

Firefox differs from other browser with its own unique features. For example, it has a wide range of customization tools.

Nevertheless, notifications status changing is a simple process for any operating system. 

What are Firefox notifications? Companies include push notifications to their digital marketing strategies. Websites and web apps use them to interact with customers. A website asks for a user permission to show notifications. An example of the Firefox browser opt-in widget on our homepage.


To access notifications settings tap ‘Options’ in Firefox menu.

Make sure you have installed the latest browser version.
  • Select Privacy & Security there
  • Scroll to ‘Permission’ block and click on ‘Settings’ opposite to Notifications item
  • You will find the websites list with notification options. All of these sites have requested permission to display notifications via Firefox before
  • Opposite to the website name select the status you need – ‘Allow’ or ‘Block’.
  • You can remove one or all websites from the list.
  • To block new requests asking to allow notifications, select the correspond option bellow.
  • After alteration tap ‘Save changes’. 

Now you know how to disable desktop notifications on Windows.

Mac OS

To stop notifications displaying on Mac OS follow the same steps described above for Windows. Instead of ‘Options’, select ‘Preferences’ in the Firefox menu.


You can receive notifications from both websites and apps on Android. Read more about push notification types.

For example, Facebook sends alerts to notify about new messages or events. They pops up at the top of the screen. The website notifications (browser or web push) have the same appearance on Android devices.

To block Firefox notifications on your smartphone go to the browser Menu. 

  1. Tap Settings 
  2. Select the Notifications item
  3. Disable notifications by turning off the toggle next to ‘Product and feature tips’

To enable the option switch it into ‘On’ position.


The same set of stages to disable Firefox notifications is relevant for iOS devices. At any time, you can stop receiving these alerts.

How to use notifications properly?

You have an opportunity to pick the websites info you really need. Subscribe to notifications receiving from favorite sites to be aware of beneficial offers and important news. However, you can disable notifications displaying if it becomes intrusive or useless.

Learn more about push notification benefits.

How to Disable Firefox Notifications
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