We are thrilled to announce that the Gravitec.net team, in cooperation with Piar.io developers, launched a new product – Impasto.io.

See Impasto.io in action

What Impasto.io does

Impasto.io is developed to help you find potential customers and encourage them to purchase your product.

Impasto.io automates the lead generation process on LinkedIn and provides a robust support and consulting package to help you launch campaigns.

So, if you want to attract new customers and improve your sales strategy, give it a try.

How LinkedIn outreach by Impasto.io works

A quick and correct start is the key to success of your overall lead generation campaign. Otherwise, you may get stuck, wasting time on something that does not work, and lose your lead generation game.

Impasto.io is a game-changer among lead generation SaaS services.

Impasto helps overcome the above challenges from the beginning, and that is how.

  • Impasto.io provides consulting packages to unlock your potential as a lead generator. With this package, you will know how to start your campaign and get hot leads for your business in a week. It includes guides, LinkedIn best practices, and consulting hours from our experts to ensure your success. 

  • In your Impasto.io account, you can search for contacts of your potential customers by any LinkedIn URL, such as a search LinkedIn page with the desired position, like Head of Growth. Also, based on our sales experience, we added a search by web domain like microsoft.com to let you get decision-maker contacts of a company you want to reach out to. This way, you can find as many contacts as you need to send your offer to the right person.
  • After you have got contact information, you are ready to start your LinkedIn automation campaign. In the Impasto.io dashboard, you will find the sequence template to add connection messages and follow-ups. The Impasto.io team will help you create your first prospecting message sequence using best practices and customize them for your business. Before sending messages, follow Impasto.io recommendations on LinkedIn profile optimization and outreach strategy from the consulting package.
  • Impasto.io personalization features, such as variables for a contact name, company, and position, help catch the prospect’s attention. Plus, you can amplify your messages by adding personalized link previews. Our tests have shown that this unique feature increases click rate by three times. 
  • After everything has been set up correctly, your outreach campaign will automatically work for you. The Impasto.io scoring feature helps you qualify your leads. That is, you know who is interested in your offer to focus your efforts on these people. The analytics system helps you tracking the overall campaign performance.

See Impasto.io in action

After running your first campaign, you will get your first leads to continue communicating with them. And your first campaign will provide data for improving your future campaigns. In other words, you will understand the full lead generation process and get control over it.

Who is Impasto.io for

Impasto.io is developed for sales and marketing teams, business owners, and CEOs.

We invested over ten years of sales experience into this product to help ourselves and others succeed with their sales strategies. Impasto.io builds a LinkedIn outreach campaign from the beginning to the end. It has an automated handy tool for outreach and consulting services typical for an agency.

With Impasto.io, sales teams can improve their efficiency while heads of sales and CEOs can manage and monitor their team’s performance. Also, it helps people new to LinkedIn outreach start growing their business.

Let’s summarize.

  • If you have no preliminary knowledge about LinkedIn and lead generation, Impasto.io is your magic wand. The whole Impasto.io team is focused on providing you with proven and relevant lead-generation strategies.
  • If you are an experienced LinkedIn lead generator or sales manager, the Impasto.io automatic workflows will save hundreds of your working hours.
  • If you are a CEO or CSO, Impasto.io will help you upgrade your sales team skills and track your sales performance.

Impasto.io Features

Impasto.io is intended to not only automate your sales processes but also to spark your creativity. We provide a LinkedIn automation tool that turns lead generation into an art. And as a sales artist and professional, you need a palette of profound features.

Luckily, Impasto.io includes all you need in one dashboard, namely:

  • Data import and export into CSV
  • Integration with any CRM and service
  • Team management system with up to 10 accounts and multiple roles
  • Sequence template for your automatic workflow
  • Hyper-personalization of messages, images, and links
  • Time zone settings for campaigns
  • Analytics system to track your performance
  • Scoring system to gauge your lead interest
  • LinkedIn profile protection to avoid getting banned
  • Consulting package with sales hacks and tips

💡 Note that your set of features depends on your Impasto.io plan.

Impasto.io Pricing and Plans

Impasto.io has plans for individual entrepreneurs, startups, and medium and large teams. Pricing starts from $39 per month for a basic set of features.

Check out the Impasto.io pricing

Before choosing a plan that fits your needs, try the Impasto.io demo version for free. You will see how exactly the automation tool works from the inside.

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