It’s hard to deal with all newsletters in your email box, if you have many subscriptions to different websites and services. Furthermore, it can be intrusive to get emails from unknown senders. And the most annoying case if there is no unsubscribe link to get rid from the useless info.

Let’s find out how to unsubscribe from unwanted emails without an unsubscribe link.

What to Do When Unsubscribe Link Missing or Doesn’t Work

There are two email types that can be delivered without an unsubscribe link. The first one is an email from a company you know. They send you emails because you gave them a permission to do it.  For example, you receive offers with cheap flights from an airline. You filled in their subscription form and confirmed the option to send you info. Still, companies have to follow the anti-spam law. It obliges them to put an unsubscribe link to every email. 

Please, read privacy terms before you submit your address to a specific website.

However, an email can contain a broken link, or something goes wrong when you try to unsubscribe. How to get rid of emails you do not want to receive anymore?

  1. Reply the sender. Ask them to exclude you from the list if  it’s impossible to unsubscribe by the link.
  2. Set a rule to redirect newsletters or promotions to another folder in your inbox.
  3. Block the sender if it’s necessary. You can unblock this address in any time.
  4. Filter messages from the company. Filter settings depends on your Email service provider.

You can create an account for commercial emails only. It will help you to separate important info from ads. However, in that way you’ll not lose profitable offers from companies.

Learn how to prevent email from going to spam.

How to Stop Spam Emails Without Unsubscribe Link

Spam is the second email type with missed unsubscribe links. You did not give permission to send these messages. This is the main difference between spammers and companies we’ve mentioned above. 

Spammers collect email addresses in different ways:

  • from open sources (websites), if an address is not hidden with scripts;
  • from companies that sell user’s data;
  • via malwares;
  • by selecting probable name combinations, etc.

Spammers are not interested in giving you an unsubscribe link, so you need to get rid of spam emails in your own. 

Block the Sender

To block the sender in Gmail go to the message settings in the top right. Click ‘More’ and tap ‘Block’.

You’ll see the pop-up window:

The messages from this sender will be redirected to spam folder after you click ‘Block’.

Mark the Message as Spam

If the unsubscribe link is missed in a specific message, you can mark it as spam as well.

Follow the same steps we’ve described above. Click ‘More’, and then tap ‘Report spam’. You’ll get the alert.

There are two buttons. If you want to report spam only for this message, click the blue button. If you would like to stop receiving messages from the particular sender, tap Report spam & Unsubscribe.

You’ll get rid of all junk mail from this sender in future should you unsubscribe from spam now.

For messages suspected of phishing, use another option ‘Report phishing’.

The suspicious message will be sent to the ESP team for review.

Reply the Sender

In the same way described for commercial emails, you can reply the sender to ask them to exclude your address from their database. It can be used if you don’t remember if you subscribed to the emails from the sender. Alternatively, if you tried to unsubscribe by link, but you’re still getting emails. 

Generally, it takes few days to exclude an address from the list after you unsubscribe by the link.

Report Spam

If nothing helps, and you’re still bombed by spammers, report spam to all authorized institutions.

Forward the entire spam message:

  1. to the Federal Trade Commission (,
  2. to your email provider,
  3. to the sender’s email provider.

Make sure you haven’t lost any part of the junk email. Supplement the forwarded message with your complaint. To report spam to your email provider it’s enough to click the corresponding button (find Gmail example above in this article). ESPs are interested to reduce spam in their system. Thus, if you report spam to the sender’s provider, they will review your complaint to blacklist the spammer.

Use Spamcop

SpamCop service adds spammers to the blocking list. They detect sender’s IP with suspicious activity and notify the owner about rules violation. If SpamCop doesn’t get any answer, they blacklist this IP. ESPs check senders by SpamCop lists to protect users from spam.

You can go through the blacklisting process on the SpamCop website –

Pay attention on SpamCop requirements. You can use the service to report about unsolicited bulk email only (spam).


By getting rid of spam and reporting it, you not only clear your mailbox, but also help reduce spam flow to other network users. Besides, you need to make sure that your email address is not easy prey for spammers.

  • Use proven software for your computer protection.
  • Create email accounts by trusted ESPs with good security system.
  • Don’t follow links in suspicious emails, don’t open attachments from there. 
  • Download free software from websites you know only to avoid malware installation. Your unprotected computer can be used by spammers to send bulk emails. 
  • Do not indicate your address on websites where this info is open to everybody.
  • Check a website privacy terms before you sign up with your personal data.

Unwanted or deceptive messages can be intrusive and even dangerous. If you get messages without unsubscribe link from a company you gave a permission for email sending, use soft methods to stop this interaction. On the contrary, to prevent spam from getting into your mailbox, take advantage of all the tips in this article.