We are delighted to announce the Gravitec launch on AppSumo!

AppSumo is the biggest platform for entrepreneurs to buy and sell software on the best terms.

We signed an agreement with AppSumo late last year, and from February 24 to April 21, 2021 anyone can buy lifetime access to Gravitec.net!

Check out our offer here – https://appsumo.com/gravitec/.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity. This is a really great deal with over 90% off. 

For the last 3 months, we’ve been preparing for the launch and working on improvements to the service. AppSumo and our team created great guides to help new users understand how the service works. Here is the AppSumo video guide on how to use Gravitec.

In just a few days after the launch, we’ve got delightful reviews of our new customers from AppSumo.

Here is an independent video overview of the regular AppSumo customer who got a deal.

He has very accurately highlighted the main advantages of using Gravitec: 

  • Easily add push notifications to the website 
  • Send push campaigns straightforwardly
  • Use automated campaigns without prior preparation
  • Set up segments and send targeted campaigns

We’ve compiled a list of questions and suggestions from AppSumo users that we are already processing to make our service even better. 

We are happy to share our achievements with you, and invite you to take part in our AppSumo sale. 

Many Sumo-lings admired the Gravitec support team work. And, you are welcome to ask any questions – support@gravitec.net.

P.S. Join us for a webinar and walk-through of Gravitec.net on March 3rd at 1:00 PM CSTClick here to register.

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