Starting from February 6, 2023, you can purchase the lifetime deal (LTD) on AppSumo!

It means that by paying once, you can get push notifications with premium features for unlimited websites forever.

The deal will be available for two months. So, don’t miss a chance to get the best-in-class push service for the best price.

The Lifetime Deal

Why AppSumo

Lifetime deals on AppSumo are extremely popular among web masters, agencies, marketers, and website owners since this is a chance to get proven digital services and products for a good price.

AppSumo is an online platform with more than 800,000 users that sells digital services and products.

Moreover, AppSumo provides a 60-day money-back guarantee for any deal. 

So, you can purchase a product like on AppSumo, test it for 60 days, and if it fits your needs, continue using it forever. 


Otherwise, you can return it and get your money back.

Why the deal

Firstly, the team launched the push notification service on AppSumo a year ago. We got more than 500 positive reviews, and up to 4,000 AppSumo users (Sumolings) purchased 

So, is a trustworthy and proven service, stable and continually growing company. 

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Next, the service is full of handy features that not only serve to nudge your readers to return to your website and grow your return traffic. Also, it will save you time by communicating with your website users while you relax. It is possible thanks to the automation features such as RSS to Push, Push Digest, Welcome Message, Drip Campaigns, and Tweet to Push. For instance, with RSS to Push, you can add your RSS Feed once, and the service will automatically generate and send push notifications for every new post. 

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Also, the deal on AppSumo is a unique chance to get a push service for any number of websites. It means that for the price of the lifetime deal, whatever number of codes you purchase, you will be able to add as many websites as you need to your dashboard. The subscriber limit is applied separately to each of your websites. That is, if you have purchased 1 code for a 30,000 subscriber limit, you will get 30,000 subscribers for every website. 

LTD Prices

Finally, by purchasing, you can send unlimited notifications and add unlimited users to your dashboard so that multiple people can manage your push campaigns.

To learn more about the lifetime deal on AppSumo, visit the deal page —

Or, watch a video review about made by AppSumo.

Hopefully, we will see you among our customers.

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