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Chrome V84: protection from abusive notifications

Beginning on July 14, 2020, Chrome V84 will protect users from abusive notifications and prompts. If a website is suspected of using push technology to trick a visitor, Chrome will automatically block their permission prompts with Quieter Permission UI.  What… Continue Reading →

Quieter Permission UI for Push Notifications

In a few days, the 80th version of Google Chrome browser will be released. Google has introduced a new quieter permission UI (also “quieter messaging”) for notifications. The changes are intended to improve user experience and opt-in process. In this… Continue Reading →

How to Unblock Notifications on Chrome

Web push notification is a tool for instant communication with a loyal website audience. A user visits a favorite website, and, with one click, subscribes to receive notifications. However, sometimes, subscribers block notifications, either on purpose or accidentally. What are push… Continue Reading →

How to Unsubscribe from Push Notifications in Chrome

The aim of push notifications as a marketing channel is to minimize the potential annoyance of online advertising. At its core, the main purpose is to provide communication between a website and its customers in the least intrusive manner. What… Continue Reading →