The Gravitec team designed the migration process from other push platforms such as OneSignal and PushEngage to make it effortless for you. 

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Here are all the steps:

  1. delete files and scripts of the previously used tool
  2. add your website to Gravitec, add our SDK files and a script
  3. the silent migration is in process…
  4. while the migration is in progress, keep using your old tool

Start Migration

Subscribers will be automatically moved from the old platform to Gravitec in the background.

  • We will recommend how to send notifications via the old tool, and the algorithm will automatically migrate your base. 
  • Your subscribers will not receive any subscription opt-ins during the migration, the transition will happen seamlessly for them. 
  • Inactive subscribers will be automatically removed to reduce costs and improve the CTR of your push campaigns.

What happens when you migrate from other push tools?

To better understand the process, let’s see what happens in the background when you use a service for push notifications. 

To add push notifications to your website, you need to download SDK files and add a unique script to your webpages.

If you use the WordPress plugin, the same will happen automatically.

When a user subscribes to push notifications, the service worker file is automatically downloaded to their browser. It manages interaction through push notifications for the subscribed users. When a user is supposed to receive the notification, the service worker file will grab the notification details, display the notification on the user’s screen, and redirect the user to the page you included in the notification. 

A website can work with only one worker file. That’s why a website works only with one push service. 

So, before you start the migration process you have to remove the scripts and files of your previous provider. 

If you collected your subscriber base using your developer keys, send them to the Gravitec support team to connect you.

Update the scripts on your site and Gravitec will get to work. The new visitors will get an opt-in prompt and will be added to your subscriber base on Your existing subscribers will need to visit your website once to be moved to start receiving notifications via Gravitec. Keep using your previous tool’s interface to send push notifications till all your active subscribers are moved to

So, your current subscribers won’t get an extra opt-in, they’ll just keep receiving notifications from you once they visit your website. 

That’s all you have to do. We’ll do all the moving work on our side. This way your subscribers’ base will be shiny and new, with only active contacts. 

It’s going to depend on your repeat traffic, how fast the migration will happen. The higher your repeat traffic is, the faster the migration will happen. We’ll provide you with proven recommendations to make the process faster.

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