Here we compare two web push notification services – and Izooto – that are among TOP-5 push services in the world. If you’re choosing between push services for your website or looking for an alternative to Izooto, you’re in the right place to make a decision.

Meet and Izooto

The company was founded in 2014 in Kyiv, Ukraine. The company team created an easy-to-use web push service for small and medium businesses. Today, the Gravitec service is used by roughly 900 websites with over 100K traffic and by over 15,000+ websites in total from Europe, the USA, and Latin America.

It includes features for media websites, SaaS, and eCommerce. All of these features work out of the box after the smooth installation. 


Izooto was established in 2016 in Delhi, India as a push notification service for publishers. Roughly 1,000 websites with over 100K traffic and 15,000+ websites in total from India, the USA, China, and Europe use this service to send push notifications. Even though Izooto was designed specifically for publishers and newsrooms, it includes some features for eCommerce.

Let’s see what people say about these services.

Reviews about and Izooto

WordPress reviews and statistics

Both Gravitec and Izooto have their WordPress plugins which you can install in a WordPress dashboard if your website is WP-based. Here we show you installation statistics and some of user reviews to give you an insight of how popular these services are.

The WordPress plugin has 2,000+ active installations. Here is what people review

The Izooto WordPress plugin has 1,000+ active installations, and here is one of the reviews about the service.izooto review

G2 reviews

Next, we’ve checked services’ ratings on G2 – one of the most popular review platform where verified users share their feedback about software.

The average rating on G2 is 4,6 out 5. The rating is based on 40 reviews.

Here is the most recent review dated by April 22, reviews

Izooto’s average rating on G2 is 4,5 out 5   based on 95 reviews.

Here is the most recent review dated by June 24, 2021.izooto reviews

Next, we’ll compare services’ features.

Compare features 

In the dashboard, you can control everything from your campaign’s schedule to subscriber segments. The user interface includes nine sections: Create campaign, Automations, Prompt & Bell, RSS, Reports, Campaign History, Subscribers, Segments, and Settings.

You can set up Gravitec notifications by using the WordPress plugin or by adding automatically generated code for other CMS/website builder platforms. Right after the installation, you can set up automatic notifications such as RSS to Push in the dashboard to send notifications immediately after you publish a new post. Also, you can use different Gravitec workflows in Zapier and Integrately, as well as REST API to expand the service functionality and set up additional automations.

Izooto provides a clean user interface with six sections: Dashboard, Send notification, Campaign Reports, Segments, Playbooks, and Settings. The Izooto team designed Playbooks to send automatic and personalized notifications from the dashboard. It has many in-built workflows for advanced targeting. However, some features like RSS to Push are accessible only if you use Zapier. You can set up Izooto by using the WordPress plugin, integrations such as with Shopify, or by adding some code and SDK files to the root website folder. Note, that you need to provide your phone number and company name for registration.  

See the comparison table with more Gravitec and Izooto features.

Web push FeaturesGravitec.netIzooto
RSS to Pushfrom the dashboardvia Zapier
Drip campaignsYesYes
Push digestYesNo
Welcome messageYesYes
Tweet to PushYesNo
Triggered notificationsYesYes
Scheduled notificationsYesYes
Customizable permission promptYesYes
Campaign ReportsYesYes
Bell widgetYesYes

Compare prices and limits provides fixed prices that start from $20 per month for up to 20,000 subscribers. All of the paid plans include unlimited websites/notifications/automations/users/segments in your account and a 14-day money-back guarantee. You can start for free to test all of the features with some limitations such as the unremovable copyright.

See Plans

Izooto prices start from $85/month for up to 30,000 subscribers and up to 3 websites in your account. To use all of the Playbook features and increase the number of websites in your account you need to upgrade to the Growth plan for $250/month. To test the service you can start with a free trial for 14 days. 

Best for… is the best fit for small and medium businesses of any industry due to its generous limits, automation options and affordable price. Unlimited websites and team members are especially valuable features for agencies.

Check out why push notifications is the best marketing tool for SMB.

Izooto is the best choice for publishers and newsrooms. In order to meet publishers’ needs the service team created special targeting features such as Retarget Abandoned Subscriptions in the Playbook section.

Let’s sum up

  • pricing starts from $20 per month for up to 20,000 subscribers
  • Izooto prices start from $85 per month for up to 30,000 subscribers
  • Both services have excellent user reviews
  • offers many unlimited services such as the number of websites in a single account
  • Both services include automatic and personalized notifications 
  • Izooto has intuitive Playbooks for advanced targeting
  • provides RSS to Push and Tweet to Push automation features that can be set up in the dashboard
  • Both services provide the smooth set-up process
  • is the best fit for small and medium businesses
  • Izooto is the best fit for publishers and newsrooms.

Hopefully, now it’s easier for you to make a choice.

If you have any questions about web push notifications, please contact the support team.


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