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How to get 200,000 additional sessions per month by sending push notifications – the media company case study

Recently, we interviewed one of the clients – Tim Kraaijvanger who is a marketer at is a Dutch science-popular website with over 1,5 million readers. The interview resulted into the push notifications case study where we reveal… Continue Reading →

Push Notifications Examples and Use Cases to Get Started for Blogs, Media, SaaS and E-commerce Websites

A website of any industry meets difficulties trying to reach its audiences with its content. Typically, people search for the information they need at the moment in Google, visit a website, and leave it. Web push notifications help retain your… Continue Reading →

10 Benefits of Using Behaviour Automation to Grow your Media: Success Story

In the midst of the worldwide pandemic, people check on the latest news more often than before the crisis. So, media companies got significant traffic growth especially at the peak of the crisis. At the same time, advertising budgets are… Continue Reading →

How helped Prensa Libre to drive 300 000 additional visitors per month

“ is the first push platform with the Spanish interface. We provide Latin America marketers with the service in their native language so that they can use push notifications in a most convenient way.” — Denis Zernyshkin, CEO at… Continue Reading →