New Year Sale – Terms and conditions


Deposit – the current customer’s balance after all fees according to a current pricing plan. 

New Year Deposit – extra deposit a customer makes to participate in the ‘New Year Sale 2020’ according to the terms and conditions of the offer.

‘Discount’ – any currently active discount on pricing plans.

‘New Year Discount’ – special extra discount for the ‘New Year Sale 2020’ that a customer can receive according to the terms and conditions of the offer.

  1. The New Year offer is available from 25.12.2019 till 30.01.2020
  2. Any customer registered on the push platform is welcomed to participate.
  3. New Year discount will be added up to any other currently active customer’s discounts.
  4. Total discount (‘Discount’ + ‘New Year Discount’) of a customer cannot exceed 50% on any of the default pricing plan.
  5. Terms of the offer activation.
  • Activation period – 25.12.2019 – 30.01.2020. During this period, any registered user can take part in the New Year Sale 2020.
  • Making a New Year Deposit, according to the offer conditions:
  • The minimum deposit amount is equal to three monthly payments.
  • There are no limitations for a New Year Deposit amount, except for minimal payment.
  • Monthly payment for a New Year Deposit is equal to the last invoice issued in a customer’s account. A participant can check this info in the ‘Billing’ section after logging in. New users can create an account to take part in the New Year Sale. If you used ‘Free plan’ or didn’t make payments yet, your monthly payment is ‘0’. 
  • If your last payment was ‘0’, you can get the maximum 30% discount after replenishing your balance according to the terms of the New Year offer.
  • New Year Deposit can be made with just one payment.
  • If you make few deposits during the period of the New Year Sale, the biggest one will be considered as a New Year Deposit.

Rules of the New Year Sale

  1. The first part of a New Year Discount is defined by a New Year Deposit amount. This discount part is up to 30% and valid for the deposit amount only. For example, if you make a deposit of $1000 and get 30% off, this discount will be valid for all payments below the deposit amount ($1000). After the deposit is spent, the discount is cancelled. The client continues using the service on standard terms that were current at the time of the offer activation.
  2. Discounts for New Year Deposit amounts are:
  • 3 or more monthly payments – 10%,
  • 6 or more monthly payments – 20%,
  • 12 or more monthly payments – 30%.
  1. Any deposit amount is allowed if it fits to the conditions of multiplicity. For example, your monthly payment is $100. Your deposit amount is $750 and that is a multiple of ‘6 or more’. Thus, you get 20% off on $750. This deposit amount will be available during the whole 2020 year.
  2. The second part of a New Year Discount is up to 20%. provides this discount for users with activated and constantly used automation features. (Please, find the ‘Automation’ section in dashboard).
  • This discount is calculated on a monthly basis. It means that the participant can switch on/off various automations and change the discount value.
  • The mandatory condition for getting a discount on each specific automation is its constant usage throughout the month. It means that a particular automation can be inactive for not more than 5 (five) days during the month. Otherwise, the discount will not be provided.
  • The discount for automation usage is calculated according to a number of activated tools.
  1. For active Drip Feed you will get +3%. The main requirement is at least one active series with 3 or more push campaigns.
  2. For RSS Automation usage you will get +11%. The main requirement is sending at least 3 push campaigns per day.
  3. For active Push Digest you will get +3%. The main requirement is sending at least 3 digests per month.
  4. For Bell use you will get +3% (+1% per each option).
  • +1% for an activated ‘Unblocked subscription’ option,
  • +1% for an activated ‘Push history’ option,
  • +1% for an activated ‘Notification configurator’ option.

      5. The discount for Automation is valid as a part of the New Year Sale only.

      6. The offer activation starts automatically after making a New Year Deposit.

  • Within 24 hours after the deposit has been made, you will receive an email with confirmation of the offer activation and your personal terms;
  • Within 24 hours after the deposit has been made, you will get your New Year Discount in your account.

      7. The offer runs out automatically 

  • after the deposit was spent,
  • at 23:59 on 31 December 2020.
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