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Push Calculator - measure the potential effectiveness of your push campaigns


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This is the total number of visits to your website - including new and returning visitors.

Visitor data estimation can be found in

Based on website traffic data, the calculator will give you key performance indicators for the push notification channel for your site.

The average subsription rate for push notifications is from 0.5% - 9.0%.

As low as it might seem, this 0.5% - 9.0% conversion rate is from visitors who gave you permission to send them push notifications. Push notifications work with this loyal audience.

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Ex: consultants will create for you a detailed analysis of the expected ROI of a push campaign.

It will help you estimate the:

  • growth of your push subscriber base;
  • number of notifications that you can send as your subscriber base grows;
  • CTR attributable to your push campaign;
  • monthly increase in visitors with regular push campaigns;
  • profitability of your push campaign, based on conversion rate and average revenue per user.

Recommendations made by experts can significantly improve your subscription rate .

For example:

  • Conversion depends on the protocol of the website, HTTP / HTTPS (subscription conversion on https sites averages 5-7 times higher than on http sites)
  • The growth of your subscription rate is directly proportional to audience loyalty
  • Subscription method impacts conversion rate (typically, the highest rate is achieved using the native / regular subscription method provided by the client browser).
Subscription rate
1,5 %-2,0%

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The frequency of push campaigns.

It affects the loyalty of the audience. The results of each campaign and the overall performance indicators of this channel depend on the notification subject, as well as on your market.

If campaigns are rare or irregular, the effectiveness will be minimal. On the other hand, if campaigns are too frequent, it can lead to higher churn.

Therefore, experts will help you determine the optimal frequency with which your audience will positively react to your campaigns (Remember, push notifications should be of interest to your audience).

Must be from 0 to 100

CTR (Click-Through Rate) - the most important metric in Internet marketing. CTR is defined as the ratio of the number of clicks on push notifications to the total number of notifications delivered to subscribers. 

The recommendations by experts, based on statistical data of working with more than 3,500 sites, can help increase your CTR.

The CTR is primarily affected by:

  • Attractiveness of the push notification (icon, title, useful / interesting / important content)
  • Interactive elements (large picture - 360 x 240px, one or two buttons which have hyperlinks)
  • Notification time (the amount of time the push notification will remain on the subscriber's monitor). The longer the notification time, the more likely the subscriber will click. However, there is a limit. Measuring this is a part of our consulting plan.

Must be from 0 to 100, or blank

The percentage of visitors who made a purchase, or other targeted action, to the total number of visitors who entered the site via push notification.

Conversion rate is an indicator of the loyalty of your subscribers, and of the commercial effectiveness of your campaign. It mainly depends on timeliness, and the value of your proposal to your subscribers.

Choosing the right options for push notifications dramatically increases the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.

Must be greater than 0 (or blank)

The parameter allows you to estimate additional profit through correct use of our service.

Push notifications are an effective cross-sell and up-sell tool.

By leveraging our REST API, you can:

  • Segment your database and send offers only to relevant subscribers
  • Set up trigger notifications - by event, or subscriber action (example: after making a purchase, offer a discount for the next purchase)
  • Send a push notification to a single subscriber, encouraging him to perform a targeted action