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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Protection of personal data

We strive to maintain an atmosphere of trust and security.

During registration, Gravitec.net only asks for your email address. We do not collect phone numbers, names, payment card details, or bank account numbers.

Customer email addresses are confidential. Gravitec.net does not sell, or distribute email addresses to third parties.

Security of bank account details

Service Gravitec.net DOES NOT request bank account information!

Gravitech.net uses fondy.ua for receiving payments online. Fondy.ua has a PCI DSS Level 1 certificate (developed according to the international standards of Mastercard and Visa).

Thus, customers' payment data is protected from any kind of fraud and abuse.

Protection for customer accounts

The customer registers his own account on Gravitec.net. Customer password, used at login, is only available to the customer. Gravitec.net does not have access to this information.

The customer account database is protected by law, is not shared with third parties, or otherwise disclosed.

How to unsubscribe from Gravitec.net push notifications

Gravitec.net offers a subscription to push notifications. We do not send unsolicited email messages to customers.

To unsubscribe from push notifications, simply right-click on a notification, and select "Unsubscribe". It can also be done in your browser settings.