Help Ukrainian MEDIA with a donation to make Ukraine's voice louder is a SAAS for media that enables over 15,000 websites to deliver updates and breaking news to more than 90M subscribers. About 60% of Ukrainian media use to send push notifications.

Ukrainian Startup Fund is a state fund that is the top 1 angel investor in Ukraine. Since 2019, USF has supported 230 startups with over 5 million USD grants.

YEP incubator supports early-stage startups in Eastern Europe. 350+ startups have been incubated since 2016.

Ukraine media make a source of truthful information from cities under attack by Russia. It’s vital to support media and journalists who keep gathering and broadcasting news with the risk to their lives.

Stand with Ukraine

Support Ukrainian media to show the truth about the war

We want to help the world know the truth about the war, so that thousands of lives lost to not be in vain. The world has to stop war criminals and countries that commit crimes. See what the war had led to in Ukraine and how military journalists see it. Their work and the work of hundreds of media we want to support.

Help Ukrainian media to continue stable work at a critical time

What We Do

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    Provide push notifications for Ukrainian media free of charge

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    Contribute to local media to ensure their stable work

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    Support military journalists with equipment and transport

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    Support Ukrainian media startups

Donate to army and volunteers of Ukraine. If you would like to support the Ukrainian army and volunteers directly, follow the link below. You will find the list of official funds and organizations.

We Support Hundreds of Ukrainian Media

What Our Media Clients Say

Since the war started, our team has been working 24/7 despite severe conditions. We are fighting on the information front by refuting Russian fakes, and rapidly and accurately informing our readers about the hostilities in Ukraine and the World’s reaction. Because of the war we have lost the sources of income from ads, and were forced to not only cut spending on paid software, but to cut our staff salaries too. We need free push notifications to quickly share news with the big part of our readers. Also, we need starlinks, power banks, satellite phones, and financial support of our journalists., Chief Editor — Lesia Gasych

We’ve already been living for a month in a war situation, and many of our media colleagues have lost their jobs. We had to downsize our editorial staff as we have no opportunity to ensure salaries to specialists such as analytics. But we cooperate with authorities and continue publicating news. So we’re appreciate that support us with free push notifications to keep instantly deliver news to our subscribers., CEO, Chief Editor — Katerina Pitenina

We have no funds to pay for push notifications now, but it’s extremely helpful to communicate with our regular readers. We also need equipment such as starlinks, power banks, and satellite phones., Chief Editor — Natalya Pakhaychuk

Among urgent needs for media are cloud solutions to store information, body armor, helmets, military first-aid kits, laptops, power banks with solar batteries, binoculars, sleeping bags, walkie-talkies. Plus, we need humanitarian and financial support to help Ukrainian media.

Push notifications are important to us because they help us closely communicate with readers and highlight key daily events. Plus, they make a stable source of traffic. As the profitability of Ukrainian media was reduced by almost three times, we have to back out of paid tools, because we can’t recoup them. Our main goal now is to provide readers with accurate information and save jobs., CEO, Chief Editor — Eugene Shvedov

Free push notifications are just excellent even not for getting traffic but rather to deliver 100% accurate information from proven media to the people at the times when it’s too many suspicious channels., CEO — Vladimir Kolisnichenko

We’re safe and continue producing news, but we need equipment to shoot scenes, namely, we need a Sennheiser wireless system for video recording., Chief Editor — Ivan Garagonych

Media have lost 95% of their income, so we ask you for free push notifications to timely inform our readers of breaking news. Also, we need support with the evacuation of media departments — offices, equipment, apartments, and finances to pay salaries to continue our work.

RIA Media, CEO — Oleg Gorobets


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